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Testimonials of Cody VonLintel

Getting The Job Done
Cody VonLintel was the agent representing Hayden Outdoors in the sale of our farm property. We had a rather unique property that needed to be advertised over a larger area and their website was just the ticket. Cody did a great job of taking pictures and getting it advertised over a large area. Our farm was located in Rooks County, Kansas and it was sold to a customer from Oregon. Good job Cody! Sherlyn Kats
Highly Impressed
Recently I dealt with Cody on selling 80 acres of hunting ground. I was highly impressed with the amount of work he put into selling it and kept me informed on every prospect. Cody himself utilized game cameras to capture some phenomenal deer pictures and took the time to show potential buyers the acreage. If I ever had any property to sell or wanted to buy more, I’d definitely use Cody. Trish Mann
A Huge Help
Last year my siblings and I decided it was time to sell the land we inherited from our parents. My brother put it on our local buy, sell, trade. Cody saw this and contacted my brother about Hayden Outdoors selling for us. We all agreed to let Cody take it on. Cody was very good about working with us as our situation was a little out of the ordinary. He also had all the paperwork done for us which was a huge help. I would recommend Cody if you are trying to sell your land! Thanks Cody! Patty Chesney