Buyer Representation

We have the knowledge base and experience to assist buyers with any type of real estate transaction, including:


Hayden Outdoors represents exclusive investors and buyers of legacy properties across the country and retains a confidential list of elite clients. From Real Estate Investment Trusts to high profile clients that require complete confidentiality, Hayden Outdoors brokers are trained and experienced to manage transactions that demand privacy, confidentiality and knowledge of large-scale real estate transactions.


Utilizing the most current tools and technology, our agents and brokers spend countless hours researching properties for our buyers that insist on intense levels of research. From variable layered land mapping software to parcel identification, historic deed research and soil heat mapping to 3D aerial modeling, technology allows us to compile the information needed for a specific property our clients are looking to buy.


We assist you in narrowing down your interests, requirements and search criteria for finding your property. Local and regional knowledge of natural resources, hunting and wildlife laws, land values and area details allows our agents to recognize what is important to our buyers and weed out which properties are not qualified as potential properties.


Starting with beginning steps of property search to finding your target property and finally to closing, we’ll represent your interests through the buying process with professionalism, ethics and trust. From ranch tours to corporate meetings, property presentation and communication, our team follows a required level of professionalism from our agents and staff.


With many appraisers on staff and excellent knowledge of land values across our territory, we can offer existing and new broker opinion of values that can greatly assist you when making a real estate transaction decision. Sales of $750 million annually allows our team to have exclusive evaluation of comparable sales for like properties and gives buyers the most up to date real costs of similar properties. This allows our buyers to make better and more accurate offers for properties they wish to buy.

Portfolio Growth

If you’re adding to a collection of properties or seeking to invest in multiple properties to establish a real estate portfolio or trust, we can help research the best properties available that will meet your goals for the collection, be it return on investment, hunting or recreational benefits, or overall property assets and attributes.

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