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“Land Lit”

Great books to inspire the landowner.


When you’re pondering a farm or ranch purchase, or making plans for a recently acquired piece of ground, land and its limitless possibilities dominate your thinking. As you contemplate all that land can represent – opportunity, individualism, escape – here’s...

Rural Internet Options
Moving to a rural property needn’t mean giving up 21st century connectivity.

For many real estate buyers, the purchase of a rural property is motivated, at least in part, by a desire to create a retreat from the outside world. Whether a newly acquired property will...

By Allen Treadwell

With Turkey season ending, summer time heat and humidity just around the corner in much of the Midwest. Many of us are already looking forward to those cool crisp mornings of early fall, watching the sun appear over the horizon while our...


Buyers Add To Their New Wyoming Ranch Portfolio

For the second time in under a month, the team at Hayden Outdoors Real Estate has sold a massive ranch in Wyoming. Congratulations are in order for all parties involved in the...