Current Developments

Hayden Outdoors is proud to offer complete real estate development services . We continually encounter land and building owners who wish to increase the value of their asset. We have the experience to enable landowners to properly position their asset to capture it’s highest, best and proper use. Bring us your goals, ideas and dreams!

Below are our current development projects:


Land Use Experience

Knowledge of land use and developing the highest and best use for shared amenity properties is the key to a long term success of a recreational development.   Our team has years of experience in planning, entitlements, marketing and construction management associated with real estate development.

Entitlement & Owner’s Representation

Comprehensive management services to entitle buildings and properties through the county, town or city process. Allow us to be your liaison and advocate to represent your project.

This representation includes:

  • Comprehensive due diligence investigation and remediation
  • Municipality meetings and negotiation
  • Annexation and Development Agreements
  • Inventive Agreement negotiation
  • Metro District formation
  • Subdivision, zoning or rezoning issues
  • Design services, concept design, master planning
  • Overall development plans, preliminary/final platting and construction drawings
  • Pre-construction and construction management
  • Design services for interior/exterior remodels or new construction of buildings
  • Project management for interior/exterior construction of buildings
  • Oil and gas surface use issues

Land Development

Throughout the years, Hayden has built an extensive network of contacts that are interested and participate in real estate development. We can support landowners with strategies and opportunities in the marketplace to take advantage of their asset. Often upon entitlement projects can be simply sold but other strategies could involve joint venture partnerships to formally develop a project. We are here to be your trusted advisor to ensure your goals, desires, and objectives are met.

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