Personalized Loans

Outdoor Bank is a sponsor of Life on the Land TV and an preferred lender for various types of properties. Outdoor Bank is a Kansas-born bank and financing company that sources loans from various primary lenders to find the perfect fit for your fiscal needs.

Farm & Ranch Loans

Farms and cattle ranches have unique financing requirements that require experienced loan officers to find the best loan package for your needs today and in the future. Ag equipment, livestock, water rights and minerals are all factors in finding the best loan for buyers of agricultural lands.

Recreational Property Loans

Hunting land loans and recreational property financing are among the fastest growing niches in the real estate lending industry. From hunting ranches to fishing lodges, resorts and campgrounds to personal recreational retreats, every loan is unique and customized.

Competitive Packages

The team at Outdoor Bank scours the market for the best packages for your situation. Some properties are vacant land, while others have various structures and facilities. Farm land loans can be different than commercial real estate financing, and the team at Outdoor Bank specializes in recognizing those differences and capturing real estate financing options that will best serve their customer.

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Outdoor Bank is a sponsor of Life on the Land TV and is not owned or operated in any way by Hayden Outdoors, its agents, employees or affiliates. In addition to Outdoor Bank, other common lender solutions include:

  • AgAmerica
  • Farm Credit Services
  • American Ag Credit
  • Rural 1st