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What Our Clients Say

Full Execution
“Nathan is probably best agent I have dealt with. Full execution of information and quickly” – Robert Shafer
Years of Experience & Knowledge
My husband and I wanted to look at house with land in the Lawrence area, but being out of state we didn’t have any recommendations for a quality real estate agent. We had noticed that Shad Sheldon was the listing agent for a number of land listings and assumed that he must be a knowledgeable land realtor. We reached out to him and he exceeded our expectations!! When I called, he listened and heard what was important to me in our search. He was also able to provide guidance on factors I was less familiar with for a land purchase. He educated me quickly on the area, average price per acre, etc. and was very responsive to calls and texts. When we found a property that we loved, and Shad helped us tour the property in his utility vehicle, then calculate the land and house value to determine our offer. He’s a savvy negotiator and smoothly worked to help us get a price we were happy with. We were so grateful to have his many years of experience and knowledge working for us. Shad has also been a great resource for getting connected in the community with different resources and contractors needed along the way. We are so grateful to be here and loving our new lifestyle. Thank you, Shad, for making the transition as smooth and seamless as possible!
Shad Sheldon
Game Trailer
I am writing this letter to commend Greg Liddle of Hayden Outdoors for his outstanding job of marketing and successfully selling my 4,325 acre property in Southeastern Colorado. Greg lives 7 hours away from the property by truck, but that did not deter him from frequently driving to the property in person to show it to qualified prospective buyers and other ranch brokers. Greg even drove to oversee the work of contractors working on the water wells, piping, roads, and so forth. When I’ve purchased ranches in the past, it was surprising how few agents and brokers took the time (and fuel) to meet qualified buyers at the subject property – I cannot imagine how a property could be sold for top dollar if a knowledgeable senior selling agent/broker is not present to point out a property’s strong features and expertly answer buyer questions. Greg took the time to explore the property from corner to corner before he took any prospective buyer on a tour – this ensured that he didn’t get lost or turned around when showing the expansive property. In my previous ranch buying experiences I was shocked at how often the junior person guiding the tour didn’t even know his way around the road system. Greg’s particular expertise lies in the area of game management. He worked tirelessly to search out the game trails and install game cameras to document the trophy big game present on our property. He coordinated “range management” to balance selective, limited cattle grazing with the food and water requirements of the game to optimize the condition of the property for recreation. By the time my ranch went under contract to sell, Greg’s efforts paid off by drawing 30” mule deer and a herd of approximately 80 elk onto the property. With so much of the surrounding territory overgrazed, it seemed like half of the elk in the county were finding their food on my property! (I already miss the place.) Greg frequently checked the game cameras for fresh images of monster bulls and bucks … by emailing these pictures to previous ranch viewers he was able to reinvigorate their interest and bring them back into the mix of potential buyers. He is proactive. He wasn’t just sitting around waiting for someone to write on offer! Greg respected my money as he would respect his own money. He recommended expenditures on only the improvements that were absolutely necessary to broaden the appeal of the ranch and maximize its resale value. On several occasions I asked his advise about certain improvements to enhance the property’s marketability. On most of those occasions he adviseagainst the expenditure. As a result of his efforts at spending my dollars carefully while also maximizing the property’s recreational value through game/range management, we were able to sell the property in October 2011 for more than its 2007 purchase price. We recouped not only the purchase price, but also the cost of improvement and the cost of carry, with enough left over to show a profit. Given the frothy real estate market of 2007 and the economic weakness of 2011, we were obviously pleased with this result. Other brokers I spoke with in the area were impressed with how many qualified showings Greg was able to schedule. It seems like everyone in the state knew of the listing. He was bringing in prospective buyers from all over the USA, and even had inquiries from overseas. I don’t know the details of exactly how Greg did that; I’m sure he could tell you. It was very obvious he didn’t just put the property on a website and wait for his phone to ring! Greg’s expertise also spans a working knowledge of state game and water regulations, legal aspects of the transaction, mixed use land optimization, neighbor relations and local community relations, and even weather considerations. Although my ranch sale was a cash/no contingency transaction, it was apparent that Greg has a working knowledge of recreational property lending sources – he was able to introduce a couple of prospects to a leading ag property lender. All of my experience with Greg is as a listing agent. However, if we decide to purchase another recreational property within Greg’s market area, I will probably utilize his services as a buyer’s agent, given his strong overall knowledge of the market and his insights into the “levers of value” for trophy properties. Sincerely, Mark A. Jensen President PrimaLend Capital Group, Inc.
Greg Liddle
Across State Lines
A few years ago I was in a short time frame to complete a complicated 1031 exchange across state lines. I contacted a Colorado agent in the area I was interested in and started to work withthem. We got nowhere until I looked at a property that Rick Kusel had listed. Rick’s down to earth personality, pickup truck office, and genuine concern for my needs gave me a real lift. We were able to purchase his listing, and then work with him for more properties to complete our 1031 exchange. A year later we completed another 1031 exchange with Rick that was as successful as the first. He arranged for all of the closings and paperwork. I consider Rick a friend as well as my agent. Jack Kay Temecula, CA
Rick Kusel
Sold In 10 Days!
My husband and I want you (& Hayden Outdoors) to know how much we appreciate the extraordinary work you did to help us sell our land in Horse Camp Ranch located in Edwards County, TX. When we came to the realization that we needed to sell what I fondly refer to as my “Happy Place” I was heartbroken. I really struggled with letting it go. But when you came to the ranch to look it over, I was immediately at ease because of your quiet demeanor, not a hint of brusk “getter done” businessman who just wants the listing because a listing means money. I’ve worked in Real Estate offices as the assistant to the broker, so I am well aware of how most real estate agents are… but you are not like that and I thank you for that. We never dreamed it would sell in 10 days and close in less than 30 days! We were more than impressed with the sales packet you put together to market the property, the pictures you took, and the internet site your company developed. We kept the extra marketing packets that were left after the sale to give to our children & grandchildren to enhance the memories that they have from family events and weekends we spent together there. We will forever thank you for the awesome cooler you sent us. It’s perfect! And a lasting reminder of the amazing and professional job you & Hayden Outdoors did for us. Wishing you & yours the very best, Steve & Lynn Fox
So Responsive
I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate you. We toasted you with a glass of wine a couple days ago! You are always so responsive about staying in touch. Thanks! John and Jane Francis
Bill Vacek
Consistently Exceptional Service
I have both purchased and sold ranches through Hayden Outdoors and have received consistently exceptional service. Philip Land’s experience in several businesses was most helpful during the complexities of our transactions. Edward H. Clement, Banker, Salisbury, North Carolina
My Dream 20 Acre Parcel
Kristie helped me find my dream 20 acre parcel in the Madison Valley. I've worked with a number of real estate agents over the years and have met some good and some just OK (thankfully none bad). Kristie is top notch. There are a lot of reasons that I say this but what differentiates her is her personality. She is someone who immediately makes you feel comfortable and understands that this is your decision to be done at your pace. Put simply, she never made me feel like she was trying to get me to buy something, rather she was assisting me in making a purchase. A subtle difference but a big one. If you are looking for a property in the area that Kristie is servicing you will find that she is an outstanding choice. Jim Ossner
Understanding The Market
Austin was very knowledgeable about our type of property and understood how to market it to the right kind of buyer. He kept our best interests in mind during the negotiation process and made sure we received a fair offer. He and his team were very helpful and responsive every step of the way! Dave & Kay K.
Great Communication
I wanted to send you a note to more formally thank you for your support in marketing and selling the Buckman mountain property in New Mexico. As you know, this was my second experience working with you and your professionalism and dedication were every bit as impressive on the sell side as on the buy side. In my mind you again went well and above any expectation I had, beginning with the thoughtful and organized approach to marketing the property and finishing with the impressive efficiency of the closing process. In between, further examples were equally if not more impressive. I was expecting that given the time of year and the remote nature of the property, it would be late spring before any realistic opportunity would arise but when you had an interested buyer, you were willing (and able) to move mountains to keep the transaction moving. In this case, mountains of equipment (GMC, Polaris, ski-doo) to get the prospective buyers in to see the property. Incredibly impressive indeed and when you add the level of communication throughout the process, it couldn't have been a better experience for me. Thanks again Greg for going the extra mile. You will be at the top of the list for any referral as well as when that time comes for me to find that dream property in the future. Kind regards, Ken Kenneth Shives | Associé | Landwell & Associés
Greg Liddle