J. Gregory Liddle

Agent / Partner

Greg Liddle is a licensed ​​Real Estate Broker​ and Agent in Colorado and New Mexico. His specialties include legacy farms​, cattle ​ranches, and exquisite recreational/elk hunting properties ​for sale ​in Southern, CO and Northern, NM​.

Licensed in State(s):
Colorado New Mexico
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J. Gregory Liddle

Agent / Partner

Greg Liddle is a licensed ​​Real Estate Broker​ and Agent in Colorado and New Mexico. His specialties include legacy farms​, cattle ​ranches, and exquisite recreational/elk hunting properties ​for sale ​in Southern, CO and Northern, NM​.

Licensed in State(s):
Colorado New Mexico
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Greg Liddle is a Partner at Hayden Outdoors/ Broker Associate, licensed in Colorado and New Mexico, and the Southeast Regional Manager. Greg grew up in the Florida Keys and the panhandle of Florida with most of his time spent stalking tarpon, bonefish, permit and Alabama whitetails. His free time today is split working his Llewellin setter “Filson” on upland birds, hunting mule deer and elk in the Four Corner states and saltwater fishing on the Florida Gulf Coast. Greg has over 30 years experience in matching client’s unique desires with the ideal recreational real estate opportunity. Greg’s specialty is in recreational properties with landowner tags and hunting/working cattle ranches and has personally closed in excess Personally closed in excess 350 million since 2019, with closing over $100 million in 2021 and in excess of $131 million closed or under contract in 2022. Greg’s love of the Southwest and the recreation it provides consistently enables him to achieve top volume sales awards. These include top individual broker sales volume nationwide with Hayden Outdoors for 2017-2021 and top individual realtor volume in the Southern Colorado/Northern New Mexico MLS (+/-450 participating brokers).

Best Sales Guy Ever!

Greg, thank you very much for everything. You are a great guy and the best sales guy that I ever met! Look forward to future deals! Take care.

- Dale Crenwelge - 09/06/22
Greg & Courtney - The Most Hard Working & Dedicated Team

I wanted to introduce ourselves, Paul and I (Terri) recently sold our Tailwater ranch in Cimarron Colorado. We are writing this letter to share our recent experience with Greg Liddle and that sale. Greg is the hardest working realtor we have ever met. He truly worked for our best interests and had a deep understanding of our ranch market. We had two prior realtors prior to Greg, who failed to market or show much interest in our property. Greg, with his associate Cortney Liddle and the great marketing team of Hayden Outdoors were proactive and brought several buyers to our property. They shared with those buyers our vision. Hayden’s marketing brochures, video’s and website were unsurpassed. Our first offer turned out to have a lot of obstacles. Greg was able to provide the great feedback for the decisions we had to make about those obstacles. He was extremely professional to all parties involved. We decided to not continue with the first offer and Greg was able to quickly follow up with a new buyer. He did an excellent job of matching our needs with the needs of the new party involved. Cortney, was amazing as well. She was fast to respond to any questions either party had. She works as hard as Greg and was willing to work at odd hours, weekends and do whatever was needed to pull any loose ends together. In addition, she as well as Greg, were excellent at communications and always had clear explanations for our questions and understanding. We are planning to continue working with Greg and Courtney with “Life on the Water” Their integrity and ethics have made us comfortable with continuing business with them and investing more of our assets in real estate. We have never met a harder working, more dedicated team and highly recommend them to anyone interested in buying or selling their property.

- Paul & Terri Warner - 08/05/22

Greg, I want to let you know how much I appreciate a #1 realtor like you, Linda and your very understanding wife. Without you I don’t know what I would’ve done. You stuck with it through thick and thin always very professional in all you did. You were always there for me through all 3 sales.I know there were some sleepless nights but you never
quit. You put in many hours and many, many miles. I also want to Thank you for being there for my purchase of the new ranch and making it possible. I would recommend you to everyone that wants a #1 ranch broker. Thanks so much for all you did for me! Debbie Wallace.
P.S. I would use you again!!!!

- #1 Realtor - 01/30/20

Our property had been on the market for a long time. Greg got the listing and in a very short time he had a buyer. The prospective buyers were all qualified and the buyers were a perfect fit for our ranch that has been in the family for almost 40 years. 5 STAR REVIEW! Great job Greg!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!!
Mava and Danny Riccitelli from the Davis Elk Land & Cattle Ranch

- 5 Star Review - 06/06/19

To Whom it May Concern:

I had my property, seventy-four acres and a custom built house, on the market for a year and a half with no serious response. A chance meeting introduced me to Hayden Outdoors and Greg Liddle. Greg did a thorough vetting of the property and placed it on the Hayden Internet site. Within a month it was sold and I was on the way to a new home.

Greg was more helpful and responsive than any real estate agent I have ever experienced in the past. His attention to detail and immediate response to my questions made the entire transaction extremely easy --- and surprisingly rapid. Anyone who has outdoor activities in mind will find an extensive listing at Hayden Outdoors and anyone who has that sort of property to sell will find an energetic agent in Hayden Outdoors and Greg Liddle. I recommend both without reservation.

Yours truly,

Richard H. Andrew

- A Chance Meeting - 09/04/15

“Greg is by far the best broker that I have ever worked with!”
Patrick Teal

- By Far The Best - 12/17/19

Dear Greg
Just wanted to send you a note thanking you for the excellent work you did selling my ranches in Colorado. Some key efforts that you did distinguished you from all other realtors.

1. You listened to my needs . You took the time to be fully aware of not only my wants, but you took note of all my concerns, not diminishing anything.
2.You were realistic. I appreciate the candor , honesty and frank conversations we had not only about the properties, but the best way to present the properties.
3. You provided feedback. I was always aware of everything that was happening, showings, lulls and what prospective buyers said.
4. You were prudent with my funds. You were wise in where I should invest in improvements and where I should not to improve the sale potential of the property.
5. You worked the sale. I think every potential buyer felt they were looking at their dream home.
6. You treated my property as if it was the most important listing you had. I deeply appreciate this especially knowing that you had much more expensive properties listed
7. You were always responsive. Almost every time I called, texted, or emailed you responded that same day.
8. You were a gentlemen. I never heard you speak ill of another realtor, prospective buyer or anyone in the chain of the sell.
9. You provided many extras. “Extra effort” must be your middle name. I can’t count all the helpful things you did to make it easier on me as I went through the sale.

As you know I had two properties listed. One I listed with a broker who was a “ friend”. He gave me quite the spiel on his work. He had it for two years and I had only 5 showings. Mostly internet postings and a sign out front. When I questioned him he would print out the internet "Looks” the property had had. Obviously he didn't put the time nor energy into selling property. It takes a lot of work to find qualified buyers and then convince them to make the trip to see it. It takes up weekends, your free time and often inconveniences your personal life. Not many realtors will pay the price, but you did. You are a person of your word, for a fact. Especially noted is that you sold the property in months of listing it.

In the athletic world, there is little league all the way up to the major leagues and even Olympics. As an analogy I can best describe your work as “Olympic” class. There’s lots of realtors, Greg, but only very few in your league.

Thanks for all you did for me.
Phil Harris

- Extra Effort! - 10/28/19

I am writing this letter to commend Greg Liddle of Hayden Outdoors for his outstanding job of marketing and successfully selling my 4,325 acre property in Southeastern Colorado. Greg lives 7 hours away from the property by truck, but that did not deter him from frequently driving to the property in person to show it to qualified prospective buyers and other ranch brokers. Greg even drove to oversee the work of contractors working on the water wells, piping, roads, and so forth. When I’ve purchased ranches in the past, it was surprising how few agents and brokers took the time (and fuel) to meet qualified buyers at the subject property – I cannot imagine how a property could be sold for top dollar if a knowledgeable senior selling agent/broker is not present to point out a property’s strong features and expertly answer buyer questions. Greg took the time to explore the property from corner to corner before he took any prospective buyer on a tour – this ensured that he didn’t get lost or turned around when showing the expansive property. In my previous ranch buying experiences I was shocked at how often the junior person guiding the tour didn’t even know his way around the road system.

Greg’s particular expertise lies in the area of game management. He worked tirelessly to search out the game trails and install game cameras to document the trophy big game present on our property. He coordinated “range management” to balance selective, limited cattle grazing with the food and water requirements of the game to optimize the condition of the property for recreation. By the time my ranch went under contract to sell, Greg’s efforts paid off by drawing 30” mule deer and a herd of approximately 80 elk onto the property. With so much of the surrounding territory overgrazed, it seemed like half of the elk in the county were finding their food on my property! (I already miss the place.) Greg frequently checked the game cameras for fresh images of monster bulls and bucks … by emailing these pictures to previous ranch viewers he was able to reinvigorate their interest and bring them back into the mix of potential buyers. He is proactive. He wasn’t just sitting around waiting for someone to write on offer!

Greg respected my money as he would respect his own money. He recommended expenditures on only the improvements that were absolutely necessary to broaden the appeal of the ranch and maximize its resale value. On several occasions I asked his advise about certain improvements to enhance the property’s marketability. On most of those occasions he adviseagainst the expenditure. As a result of his efforts at spending my dollars carefully while also maximizing the property’s recreational value through game/range management, we were able to sell the property in October 2011 for more than its 2007 purchase price. We recouped not only the purchase price, but also the cost of improvement and the cost of carry, with enough left over to show a profit. Given the frothy real estate market of 2007 and the economic weakness of 2011, we were obviously pleased with this result.

Other brokers I spoke with in the area were impressed with how many qualified showings Greg was able to schedule. It seems like everyone in the state knew of the listing. He was bringing in prospective buyers from all over the USA, and even had inquiries from overseas. I don’t know the details of exactly how Greg did that; I’m sure he could tell you. It was very obvious he didn’t just put the property on a website and wait for his phone to ring!

Greg’s expertise also spans a working knowledge of state game and water regulations, legal aspects of the transaction, mixed use land optimization, neighbor relations and local community relations, and even weather considerations. Although my ranch sale was a cash/no contingency transaction, it was apparent that Greg has a working knowledge of recreational property lending sources – he was able to introduce a couple of prospects to a leading ag property lender.

All of my experience with Greg is as a listing agent. However, if we decide to purchase another recreational property within Greg’s market area, I will probably utilize his services as a buyer’s agent, given his strong overall knowledge of the market and his insights into the “levers of value” for trophy properties.

Mark A. Jensen
PrimaLend Capital Group, Inc.

- Game Trailer - 09/03/15

“Professional” and “competent” are two words that underscore the efforts put forth by Greg Liddle, Hayden Outdoors, for brokering the transaction for our 4620-acre ranch property in Las Animas County, Colorado. Greg took all of the time and put forth all the effort necessary to insure a prompt sale at the price we needed.

Coaching us through the process there were several attributes he exhibited. First, he recognized that our property had the desired attributes to meet the potential Buyers needs and objectives. Second, Greg encouraged us as landowners to exhibit our property to it’s full potential by letting us know what the potential Buyer valued and how our property met those expectations. Third, Greg procured a fully vetted, capable Buyer to inspect, assess and ultimately purchase our property in a timely manner.

Recognizing value, meeting Buyer and Seller expectations and facilitating the process are key components to any transaction. Greg Liddle accomplished all of these in a timely fashion with utmost professionalism and integrity. I would engage Greg’s services anytime I needed to sell a property that had recreational, hunting and scenic value to a potential Buyer.

Greg gets it done!!

Terry & Marcella Swanson
Walsh, Colorado

- Getting It Done - 04/20/16

I wanted to send you a note to more formally thank you for your support in marketing and selling the Buckman mountain property in New Mexico. As you know, this was my second experience working with you and your professionalism and dedication were every bit as impressive on the sell side as on the buy side. In my mind you again went well and above any expectation I had, beginning with the thoughtful and organized approach to marketing the property and finishing with the impressive efficiency of the closing process. In between, further examples were equally if not more impressive. I was expecting that given the time of year and the remote nature of the property, it would be late spring before any realistic opportunity would arise but when you had an interested buyer, you were willing (and able) to move mountains to keep the transaction moving. In this case, mountains of equipment (GMC, Polaris, ski-doo) to get the prospective buyers in to see the property. Incredibly impressive indeed and when you add the level of communication throughout the process, it couldn't have been a better experience for me.

Thanks again Greg for going the extra mile. You will be at the top of the list for any referral as well as when that time comes for me to find that dream property in the future.

Kind regards,


Kenneth Shives | Associé | Landwell & Associés

- Great Communication - 09/03/15

This letter is written to endorse Greg Liddle as a ranch real estate broker. Greg should be on top of everyone's list when it comes to hiring a broker to sell a farm and/or ranch.

I was first introduced to Greg many years ago when he represented my parents on the sale of their farm. They struggled to find a buyer until Greg was hired. He was able to secure a highly qualified buyer and my parents were able to retire after Greg's performance on their farm sale. When it came time to hire a broker to sell my own personal ranch, I did not hesitate to contact Greg to get the job done. Greg brought many qualified buyers out to see my ranch and was able to finalize the sale at the perfect time so my family could move on to the next ranch. Then, Greg assisted me with the purchase of our new family ranch. My family is grateful for the work and expertise Greg Liddle provided during this very important transition.

I have worked with many ranch and residential brokers over the last decade buying and selling properties. Greg's professionalism is unmatched. He knows buyers interests when they come to view the property. He knows the selling points that are unique to each buyer. Greg does his homework and knows the property, the surroundings, and the history. He puts forth serious effort into each and every showing. His networking and connections produce qualified buyers when other brokers struggle to produce showings.

In summary, if you are looking for a serious ranch broker to buy or sell your farm and/or ranch, I highly recommend Greg Liddle and his team. He will get the job done and you will be grateful for his efforts.
Dan Reardon

- Greg Should Be On Top Of Everyone's List - 10/08/20

Greg Liddle is a guy who knows his job. Hope he never retires
Huey and Linda Hodges with Regina Mountain

- Never Retire - 12/16/19

Dear Sirs,
Please accept this letter as an expression of gratitude and as a commendation of Greg Liddle. Mr. Liddle is a credit to Hayden Outdoors and should be recognized as not only a top caliber realtor but, more importantly, a top caliber person.

Greg recently developed a qualified Buyer, generated a contract and closed the sale of our property, a USDA Certified Organic Farm. One might ask why an organic farmer would seek out a broker and organization specializing in recreational properties. It was actually quite simple: it was all about Greg and his high level of enthusiasm and his unwavering commitment to performance.

I watched Greg sell a property across the road and asked him to come and visit with my wife and me. It was after meeting Greg that I decided to violate the time honored maxim of “location, location, location”. My wife and I knew all along that our Buyer would not come from our small, rural market but previous real estate agencies (the two largest in the SW corner of Colorado) refused to accept our premise. They kept telling us, ”Well, if they come to town, we’ve got `em”. Wrong.

Greg proceeded to market our property. He diligently put out his trail cameras and captured beautiful shots of hard charging zucchini and apples in the rut. Now, there are still a lot of deer and elk here and trophy fly fishing within a yawn of our property, but Greg was discharged the mission of finding a Buyer who wanted to grow vegetables; and he did. Greg was given strict orders to qualify his Prospects, including showing proof of financial capability, and required signings of both a Confidentiality Statement and a tough Restrictive Covenant. Even with these stringent requirements in place, Greg immediately quadrupled the number of showings and provided us with legitimate Prospects.

Greg found our Buyer and brought him to us. He was indeed from outside our market area. Our Buyer was actually on his way to place an offer on another farm and Greg persuaded him to swing by for a visit. That was all it took. While working his professional magic (that may actually be his southern BS) he not only sold the Buyer our property, but the property adjacent to us, doubling the size of his new farm. This simultaneous sale was an amazingly intricate, nerve racking deal, replete with dozens of nail-biting complications. It also involved two Sellers as aggressive as a loner doe with twin fawns. Greg nailed the deal: cash Buyer, 30 day close, no survey, no home inspection, one 2 day extension due to the incompetence of the fund-wiring bank and no BS. The property conveyed to a truly ecstatic and grateful Buyer. Sweet!

Having an extensive background in real estate myself, I easily recognize the exhibition of a strong work ethic as well as Greg’s unrelenting professionalism. I ask you to seriously consider my comments and accept my most profound appreciation for a job well done.

As an additional comment: two days before closing, my wife and I were returning to our farm from town when our truck hit a patch of black ice on the highway. Our truck spun out of control and we wound up 30 feet down a cliff, and lucky to be alive. Later that evening, as it became apparent that we were to be released from the hospital with manageable injuries, my only call was to Greg Liddle. Greg came to the hospital, to our aid. He called our children to inform them that we would be OK and then drove us through a blinding blizzard to our home 40 miles away. He was there for us.

My family is extremely close-nit. We are very private people and tend to keep to ourselves. Until recently, I had only two real friends in my life. Now I have three.

Peter Reardon

- Professional Magic - 09/03/15

You work your entire adult life with an end game in mind for retirement and you don't want to make a mistake. You have been deciding exactly what game you want to pursue on "your" land and how to go about making that happen. Along the way the girls get married and you add two son-in-laws that both hunt. You are trying to plan a long term lasting "adventure" that will be a legacy for your family. I must have changed my mind a dozen times and I still did not know exactly what I wanted for sure.

Along comes Greg Liddle. He has the land that will supply multiple hunting adventures and the pictures and stories to back that claim up. There are Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Bear, Coyote, Mountain Lion, Turkey, Quail on the comeback, and if you like to fish for Koi, you have a pond full to test your skills! I have been in retail for 40 years. He seemed genuine, not slick, confident in his claim, and invited me to take a tour in February. Time to get serious.

Six inches of fresh snow on the ground, Greg met Mark and me at the airport in Trinidad. He was pulling a trailer with a 900 Ranger riding neatly on board. With a cup of fresh coffee and a roll in hand, we drove the 60 miles to the ranch. Now Greg had explained the ranch in detail and each mile we drove, I expected a dramatic change in the landscape. I was thinking that I may have made a mistake, not at all what I had envisioned. When we pulled into the ranch yard, I didn't have to spend much time there, I wasn't buying a house, even though the pole barn was fantastic, I was buying the adventure.

The tour proved to unlock all of the possibilities that Greg had explained. With the fresh snow, it was evident that the land held a population of Elk and Deer. Tracks were numerous and the cover the ranch provided made it easy to picture the hunting experience that it would provide. If there was a question that couldn't be answered I would have it by the time I returned home. Greg knew the ranch as well as if he owned it himself.

I could write pages on the follow-up Greg provided. The contacts the man has are amazing and he can recommend someone for every need you may have. It didn't matter if it was a lawyer, insurance, a fence man, or the best place to get a burger, he had it all. I can call him anytime and ask him a question and not only does it get answered, but it is done because he cares and not because he has to.

I am proud of my purchase and I can tell you that the three of us that hunted Elk the first year, all took nice bulls, our first bulls. I am also proud that I can call Greg Liddle my friend. I have and will continue to recommend Greg to anyone looking for property! Thanks Greg.

Patrick Teal
Aberdeen, South Dakota

- Proud of my Purchase - 11/23/15

Re: J. Gregory (Greg) Liddle
Hayden Outdoors

We owned a tract of land, which was listed for sale with a local realtor for over a year, with very little activity. The original listing agreement had expired, and we were in process of re-listing the property. This area had been "hard hit" by the depressed economy and was in an area of very little sales activity. lt had been discussed, with some of the owners and the previous agent, that the asking price needed to be lowered by approx. 20%in order to get it in line with area appraised values and to generate some interest. I had met Greg through a mutual client, and was aware of his reputation for being able to move properties. I called Greg to discuss, and it was decided to move forward. We agreed to list it with Greg again at the original asking price, then consider lowering the price in a short period of time if there was no activity. Within 2 weeks of signing the listing agreement, Greg called and indicated that he had found a buyer and would forward the purchase contract. The transaction was closed on a timely basis. I would definitely recommend Greg, and plan to utilize his services again when the opportunity arises.

John Lossdo
Sr. Vice President
Ag New Mexico Farm Credit Services, ACA

- Quick To Action - 09/03/15

I would like to compliment you on your service of my recent purchase organized by Hayden Outdoor Properties. I found a New Mexico ranch on the web page and easily navigated to contact Greg Liddle. Since initial contact, I was exceedingly impressed with Greg. He followed up and kept in contact with me. It was through his persistence that I have come to own this great ranch. Greg proved to be knowledgeable and was always extremely friendly. The transaction was so smooth that it was obvious that I should list a Kansas whitetail property that I want to sell with the Hayden's. I hope to have a similar experience with Kerry Cromer.

Greg has kept up with me long after the sale and the only question I have now is how many friends can one man make. Greg provided the best personal service I have ever received in a multitude of real estate dealings I have had in my lifetime. He is a credit to your organization and you are to be commended.


Kenneth Nelson, DDS
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates

- Smooth Process - 09/03/15


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your years of service selling our parcels at Pinon Hills. I have been in the business for over 40 years, as a developer, investor, and broker and have never worked with a Broker as professional, competent and diligent as you and your team, (Linda as been excellent, as you are well aware).

I know this was a challenging project and small by your standards but your tenacity, loyalty, and genuine concern for us as sellers was truly remarkable. After cycling through all the local brokers, with little or no results, I feel very fortunate to have found you!

I wish you great success, Greg, and with your skill sets and commitment, that success is guaranteed.

With appreciation,

Doug Healy

- Thank You For Your Years Of Service - 10/29/18

The sale of our place in New Mexico, The Gila Valley Mimbres Station, records today and now we are off to new adventures in Arizona for a lifestyle that is not quite so energetic as we are winding down. It’s now going to be time to travel and kick back a bit and not have to maintain a big piece of property.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the terrific representation that our place was given by Hayden Outdoors. We thought that we were just hiring a realtor, but what we got was a great team with the huge marketing presence of Hayden Outdoors behind it. We couldn’t have asked for better!!! Of course, the rock star of it all was Greg Liddle who was a delight to work with from the get go, with abounding energy and a terrific sense of humor, all the while reflecting his professionalism and love of what his does every step of the way. We immediately felt confident with his representation and we knew that we were so fortunate to connect with such a seasoned real estate professional who recognized what a special place that we have. The addition of Casey Mayer to the team was especially great and very timely and she brought so much to us during the whole process. She’s a great communicator, always responsive to our questions and concerns and, if she didn’t have the answer, she promptly got it for us. She will definitely serve Hayden well in this lovely, and somewhat undiscovered, part of New Mexico. And Linda Wilken …. another delightful and efficient member of the team, always available, always doing whatever she needed to do to keep things coming to us clearly. I’m pretty sure that Linda deserves a lot of credit for keeping Greg on task and he’s goes through his days at warp speed!!!

One thing that really struck us that was especially impressive is that, even though we were pretty much a peanut in the Hayden portfolio of exceptional properties, we never felt that way. We got the best that Hayden has to offer regardless of size and price of the property. Of course, we were exceptionally lucky to be part of Greg’s Mimbres Valley/Silver City Trifecta on “Life on the Land”. What fun and what a treat!!! It was impossible to even imagine getting that level of exposure for our wonderful place!!! I’m sure that you’ve seen this, but here we are. Greg fell in love with my horse, Buddy, the soccer player. I wanted to get him up on Buddy for a photo op, but I couldn’t convince him to do it. Too bad. It would have been terrific.

So please accept our huge thanks for all of what Hayden Outdoors did for us. You’ve helped to launch us into the next phase of our lives. My husband is thrilled to look forward to NOT taking care of all of this property that is devoted to my horses!!

Best to you,
Sue Chiverton
Mimbres, NM ……. for just a short time longer!!!

- The Best That Hayden Has To Offer - 11/17/20

“Great Attitude! Greg was everywhere at hunting shows and internet! Greg was very knowledgeable! Really made the difference for us! Greg is the Jedi Master at Ranch Sales! We could not have gotten out price and closed our sale without him!”

Jean Sawyer-Rosas

Dripping Springs Ranch

- The Jedi Master at Ranch Sales - 04/02/19

“ATV access to view acreage really stood out. We really appreciate timely, accurate advice on our best path to successful purchase completion on our terms.” – Laurence Lang Trust

- Trails End Ranch - 04/15/19

Two Huge "Thumbs Up" for Greg Liddle

I've been a real estate attorney and very active real estate investor and developer for over thirty years. Over that period of time, I have worked with more real estate salespeople/brokers than I can even count -- both as a seller and as a buyer. My experience is that it's not easy to find a real estate broker who has the knowledge, background, personality and overall professional skill-set that can truly comprise a make-or-break a difference in bringing a transaction to a successful close. Greg Liddle brings all those talents to the table, and more.

I just closed on the sale of a large, multi-million dollar ranch property in New Mexico. The property was stunningly beautiful with many unique advantages -- not the least of which were 30 annual private elk permits -- but one that also presented unique challenges to its marketing. It was located a long distance from major metropolitan areas, it was priced higher than any other property in the area, and it was comprised of numerous parcels with different zoning and development potential. After having unsuccessfully listing the property for some time with a local broker, I engaged Greg. He and his company brought incredible world-wide marketing efforts to bear via phenomenal internet outreach, the most prestigious sportsman's trade shows, national print presence, etc. He also managed the elk tag permitting for the ranch while it was being marketed.

My ranch sale was by far the most challenging, complicated transaction to which I have ever been a party. That closing would never have happened if not for Greg. To add to the complication, our deal even involved the sale of unrelated properties with multiple sellers. Through it all, Greg worked
with all the parties involved, and helped me navigate successfully through numerous potential land mines that would most likely have sabotaged the transaction in lesser-skilled hands. He worked closely and informatively with the buyer and buyer's attorney. He stayed on top of the transaction from beginning to end, keeping everyone fully-informed every step of the way. His attention to detail and consistent positive attitude were critical throughout.

Finally, and by far my most valuable take-away from the entire experience, is that I have made a life-long friend. Greg is not only a true real estate professional, he's a genuinely great guy, with a contagiously-upbeat and winning personality. If you want the best of the best, I could not recommend anyone more than Greg Liddle.

Roger Meeker
Eagle Nest Ranch LLC
September 7, 2014

- Two Huge "Thumbs Up"! - 09/04/15

In April 2012 my wife and I started searching for a ranch in northwest New Mexico and/or southwest Colorado. We both were familiar with the area and liked it very much. Our search started using the internet. In a few weeks we identified several potential properties for sale in the area. Two of which were listed by Greg Liddle of Hayden Outdoors.

Greg was contacted and we scheduled a visit. I had given Greg a long list of questions that needed answered by arrival time. As we pulled up to the gate there was Greg sitting in the driver's seat of his Polaris Ranger 800 crew, ready to go. Not only did he have a nice folder to hand me with excellent maps and answers to all my questions, he had also packed a lunch for us and a cooler full of water and Gatorade.

What a great day we had. Greg knew the ranches like the back of his hand. We spent several hours that day touring the hills and valleys of each ranch. Greg was the consummate professional. Being an avid outdoorsman like myself, he keyed in on the features we were most interested in. I deal with a lot of professionals in my business, but none better than Greg.

We really like the two ranches Greg showed us that day and told Greg we wanted to make an offer, but needed answers to another long list of questions. Greg never batted an eye, just smiled and said you will have everything in one or two days. True to his word he emailed us a response to all of the questions the next day. We then made an offer with several demands, such as a survey of each property. Once again, Greg smiled and said I will get back with you soon. In two days he secured everything we asked for. I truly believe Greg sees every obstacle as an opportunity.

As we closed the deal for both ranches, I became aware that Colorado does not let the new owner carry over deer tags from past owners. I was alarmed and called Greg and told him it was important I have at least one Colorado deer tag. He just laughed and said I already secured one for you. He knew what I needed before I did and already had it lined up. I then had one more big favor to ask of him, my dad who is 87 wanted to come out elk hunting that fall and I could be there due to my business travels. Greg about fell over with joy when I asked him if he would take my 87 year old dad elk hunting on the ranch for me. Not onlly did he take my dad out hunting, he called in a beautiful 6x6 bull that my dad harvested the second evening of their hunt.

I can assure anyone and everyone that deals with Greg Liddle of Hayden Outdoors that you will not find a better individual who truly cares for his clients and works very hard to satisfy every concern that comes up in a real estate deal. I never heard one complaint from Greg in all my dealings, he knows what it takes to satisfy customers and is willing to go the extra mile. My wife and I feel lucky to have met Greg and the Hayden Outdoors team. If we were ever to purchase or sell another property, Greg would be my first call.

Mark R. Houser
Shores Lift Solution

- What An Adventure - 09/03/15

I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks in helping to sell 500 Ranch Place and 400 Ranch Place. I know this situation had some craziness to it and wanted to let both of you know – how much I appreciate your diligence, hard work and professionalism. You both are incredible. I wish both of you all the success that life has to offer. Keep rocking and I will reach out when I am ready to jump back into the Colorado/Montana real estate market again. Have a great week and here’s to your continued success!

- Jon Bartos - 09/01/21

We can’t say enough great things about Greg and Courtney Liddle! Their dedication, enthusiasm, and love for the job that they do for their customers is so obvious. Greg really knows how to market a property for its unique features and amenities, something the other local realtors we used before, never did. He was always there to personally show the property and showcase the land with the animal life. Moreover, he took the 9me to do it right. He is a true outdoorsman who connects with hunters and fishermen alike. As soon as we contracted with Hayden Outdoors to represent us, the marketing prowess they have became evident. We almost immediately no9ced a sharp increase in showings and a different caliber of buyers. Courtney handled the administrative details for listing, showing, and closing in a prompt and thorough manner and was unfailingly upbeat. Our only regret is that we didn’t start sooner with Greg, Courtney, and Hayden Outdoors. They are a pleasure to work with andtrue professionals in their field.

- Kathryn & Gerrit - 08/11/23