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Dan Brunk

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Dan Brunk is the Director of Marketing for the Corporate Offices based in our Windsor, Colorado office. Dan brings over 25 years of marketing and advertising experience to our team from the real estate, television, publication, retail and communication industries.

Dan enjoys actively working to develop strategic real estate marketing initiatives and develop new regions and new technology to support our growing real estate business. From diving in to help with web development and digital marketing to writing traditional media budgets and negotiating media buys, Dan enjoys the challenges of branding, marketing and advertising Hayden Outdoors is the real estate market.

After graduation from the University of Oregon with a Business Degree in Sports Marketing in 1997, Dan moved into the Food & Service industry as the Marketing Manager for Rock Bottom Restaurants in Denver, CO. After a few years under his belt, Dan was recruited by Mister Neats Formalwear, a locally owned group of 21 retail locations that specialized in menswear and formalwear.

After a brief stint as a store manager, Dan quickly moved in the Marketing Manager position and was later promoted to VP of Marketing for the leading formalwear provider in Colorado and Wyoming. Along with a few other formalwear companies across the country, Dan and the Mister Neats ownership team launched Savvi Formalwear, where he sat as the Marketing Chair for the new cooperative of retail leaders. The group experienced great growth to over 300 stores before Dan made another career change to follow what he enjoys. In 2007, Dan moved out of the retail industry into one of his passion, hunting and outdoor recreation.

He joined Hunting Lease Magazine and TV show and worked for two years in the field filming TV shows, designing a magazine and selling TV sponsorships. With multimedia, retail management, and outdoor industry marketing under his belt, plus the long family background in sales, Dan moved back to Windsor to raise a family and started Wham Multimedia, producing Windsor Spotlight, a magazine highlighting local businesses. One interview in 2010 for an article was with Dax Hayden of Hayden Outdoors. After meeting Dax knew he needed marketing help and brought on Dan part time. The company grew quick and a full time position was required; Dan moved into the Director of Marketing position. In 2013 Dan and Dax, along with other leading real estate brokerages across the country, constructed a land marketing company. In 2020 Dan helped Hayden Outdoors grow to over $1.5 billion in land sales and over 175 brokers.

His belief in life work balance gives him time for travel and moments away from the desk. But, many times work and play mix in numerous trips afield with conservation groups, ranchers and farmers and people that just love the outdoors. Outside of marketing and real estate, he enjoys time with his family, including his wife Sally, sons Carter and Salem and daughter Layla. Favorite pastimes include entertaining at their home in Water Valley, weekends out with friends, golfing, fishing, camping, hunting and the great outdoors.

*Dan is not a licensed real estate broker.

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