Jim Digby

Licensed in State(s):
Colorado Montana Wyoming
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Jim Digby

Licensed in State(s):
Colorado Montana Wyoming
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Jim Digby is an associate broker, licensed in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, with Hayden Outdoors specializing in farm, ranch and recreational properties. Jim is a graduate of Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business. With over 22 years in the Real Estate industry, including 10 years as an Employing Broker and Owner, Jim has excellent knowledge of the real estate market. As a rancher, Jim can help you find farm or ranch properties that offer good returns on your investment. With farming and ranching contacts all over Colorado, Jim can assist with farming, ranching operations, conservation easements, 1031 exchanges and government programs. A native of Colorado, Jim has an agricultural and business background. Having spent years in the feedlot business and many years involved in the family owned trucking business, Jim has the business knowledge and understanding of agricultural properties to make your transaction a success. Jim and his wife, Jeri, raised their three daughters on their ranch outside of Simla, Colorado. Jim has served on the local school board, and serves as an Elder in his church in Ramah, Colorado.

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"I've known Jim Digby for many years. In fact his team helped me locate and purchase a ranch twenty plus years ago. Jim recently sold three different parcels of land for me. Some of the land had been for sale with other realtors for several years... I chose Jim because of his extensive knowledge and reputation in our market. We endured some tough economic times and Jim worked tirelessly to promote these different parcels. Additionally, Jim was and is an invaluable sounding board in understanding and establishing market value. Any future land I purchase or sell will be with Jim's help!"

Chuck Guetz
Comanche Creek Enterprises

- Extensive knowledge and reputation - 08/25/16

"We have used Jim to facilitate the purchase or sale of more than ten properties over the last 15 years. He is a solutions-oriented broker, solving problems as they arise. Jim approaches transactions with honesty and integrity. There have been several transactions where he has represented both the other party and us and we have always known he had our best interests at heart. We will continue to use Jim for all our Colorado real estate transactions."

Paula and Jeffrey Pyatt

- Honesty and Integrity - 08/25/16

"My first recollection of Jim Digby would be of a name on a sign next to some property I had just purchased. I gave him a call, and just remember talking to someone who was immediately someone you could work with and trust. He didn't try to oversell me or tell me about the great opportunity, or the abundance of wildlife, or how I needed to move fast or it would be gone. No, he was just a no nonsense guy who would try to cut the best deal he could, for buyer and still represent the seller's interest. I appreciate also his ability to compensate and understand all personalities in a transaction, from the legal aides and attorneys, abstract / escrow agents, bankers, and all the folks involved in a real estate closing. I would recommend Jim Digby as a real estate agent, and look forward to the continued working relationship we have enjoyed."

Jim May Oro Vaca Ranches. 4M Feeders, Inc. Herd Co.

- Someone you could work with and trust - 08/25/16

I contacted Hayden Outdoors after researching their marketing strategy and observing the clientele they pursued. I was contacted by Dax Hayden and we discussed my ranch and a process for maximum results. I was assigned Jim Digby as my personnel realtor.
Jim is an avid outdoorsman and understood how to market a high end stand alone hunting ranch. The clients he brought to us were vetted and motivated. This is the third project where we took property and developed it into a hunting facility. We are starting our next project and will be back with Jim and Hayden Outdoors. Note we sold our ranch at only 2% less than asking price.

David Mitchell

- Understood how to market a high end hunting ranch! - 08/25/16

I am pleased with the service that I have received from Jim Digby. He has been able to find quality buyers for our property within a reasonable period of time. If you have property to sell I certainly recommend that you work with Jim and Hayden Outdoors.

- James Ramey - 08/03/21

Jim Digby does an excellent job of watching out for his clients' interests. He understands markets and deal structure. High integrity. I highly recommend Jim.

- Jeffrey Pyatt - 08/03/21

These guys are pro's. Jim Digby at Hayden has helped me with multiple land transactions in Colorado ranging from less than 1000 to 6000+ acres per transaction over more than 10 years. He knows the market, knows valuation, knows ag, minerals and water. He is an advisor not a broker...someone I am fortunate to be able to lean on to buy and sell ag and rec land. Thanks Jim!!

- Matthew Lane - 08/04/21