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Experience the exceptional land management services offered by Hayden Outdoors, where our dedicated team of consultants and land management specialists are committed to tailoring solutions that seamlessly integrate wildlife and fishery enhancement with both time-honored and innovative farming and ranching practices. Our land management approach is meticulously crafted to align with your goals and priorities.

Whether you are a seasoned rancher seeking refined management strategies or an absentee landowner entrusting us with the care of your property, Hayden Outdoors is your trusted partner. Our bespoke plans address the comprehensive spectrum of your property’s needs, covering day-to-day operations, budgeting, livestock management, crop production, property maintenance and more.

At Hayden Outdoors, we understand that every property is distinctive, ranging from traditional western ranches to exclusive trophy hunting and fishing retreats. Our passion for outdoor recreation is ingrained in our heritage, motivating our team to deliver unparalleled service. We consider ourselves fortunate to collaborate with owners of exquisite ranches, farms and recreational properties. It is the people behind these properties that make them truly exceptional, and we take pride in the opportunity to serve our clients with dedication and expertise.

Hayden Outdoors

Comprehensive Land Management Services


Range Management

  • Grazing Planning: Developing and implementing rotational grazing plans to ensure sustainable use of pastureland, preventing overgrazing and promoting vegetation health.
  • Restoration Projects: Implementing initiatives to restore and rehabilitate degraded pasture and grasslands through activities like soil tests, reseeding, erosion control and invasive species management


Wildlife Habitat Enhancement

  • Wildlife Habitat Assessments: Evaluating the landscape to identify areas for improvement in terms of wildlife habitat, biodiversity and access.
  • Habitat Restoration: Implementing measures to enhance and restore natural habitats, including the creation of water sources, planting native vegetation, and managing predator-prey dynamics.
  • Fishery Management: Implementing a aquatic management plan by performing survey stock assessment to understand population count, spawning, feeding and restoration projects.


Water Resource Management

  • Water Conservation Plans: Developing strategies to optimize water use efficiency, reduce water wastage and enhance water quality.
  • Infrastructure Development: Constructing and maintaining water storage facilities, such as ponds or reservoirs, to ensure a sustainable water supply for both livestock and wildlife.


Forest Management

  • Timber Harvest Planning: Planning sustainable timber harvests, including selective logging and reforestation efforts.
  • Wild Fire Management: Developing and implementing strategies for maintaining a healthy balance in forested areas and reduce the risk of uncontrolled wildfires.
  • Post Disaster Recovery: Evaluating the vulnerability of the land to erosion, the auditing the affects of run-off and post scaring burns from fires.


Land Use Planning

  • Zoning and Allocation: Developing plans for the efficient allocation of land for specific usages such as grazing, agriculture, hunting and other recreational purposes.
  • Land Use Assessments: Evaluating the potential impacts of different land uses on the overall health and sustainability of the ranch or farm.
  • Infrastructure Maintenance: Ensuring proper maintenance of roads to prevent erosion, fencing to manage livestock movement and protect sensitive areas from habitat degradation.

Your Land, Your Legacy

Your farm or ranch is the cornerstone of your livelihood, these land management services can be tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of individual ranches, promoting sustainable practices that balance agricultural productivity with environmental conservation.

For more information about our Land Management Services, reach out to Chase Higgs, at [email protected] or  (209) 573-3858


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