About Wyoming

The western part of Wyoming is covered with mountain ranges, and the eastern portion is mainly high elevation prairie. The Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming. The state is a great plateau split up by several mountain ranges, including the Wind River Mountain Range, the Snowy Range, the Teton Range, and the Continental Divide. Nearly half of Wyoming is made up of BLM land, National Forests, National Grassland, and National Parks, and state recreation areas. There are also many notable Historic Sites across Wyoming. State highlights include Yellowstone National Park, (the country’s first national park), Grand Teton National Park, Devils Tower National Monument, Fossil Butte National Monument, Black Hills National Forest, beautiful scenery across the state, and world-class skiing at Jackson Hole.

Wyoming’s Climate

Semi-arid, with temperatures varying greatly depending on elevation. Summers are typically warm throughout Wyoming, with a rapid cool-down in the evenings making for comfortable sleeping. Winter brings plentiful snow to Wyoming’s northwestern ski resorts, and mild snow across the rest of the state. The mineral extraction industry and the travel and tourism sector are the main drivers behind Wyoming’s economy.

Wyoming Activities & Attractions

Millions of people visit Wyoming’s beautiful National Parks and National Monuments every year. Agriculture, including beef, hay, grain, and wool, is also an important part of Wyoming’s economy. Wildlife is abundant across Wyoming, with many opportunities to see antelope, mule deer, moose, bear, coyotes, and bobcats. Wyoming also features 22 species of game fish, including six kinds of trout, and the sage grouse (the most commonly spotted game bird), along with pheasants and wild turkeys. Wyoming offers many recreational opportunities, which are as diverse as the landscape across the state. People come to Wyoming to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, hiking, and camping. There is also great big game hunting, fishing, and horseback riding. Wyoming land and ranches offer easy access to all of these activities as well as plenty of wide open spaces for relaxation.