About New Mexico

Whether you want to enjoy a traditional cattle ranch, quality hunting ranch, irrigated farm land, lakefront or mountain properties, there is a place for everyone in New Mexico. The ground cover varies with semi arid lands supporting mesquite, cacti, yucca, desert grasses and creosote bush. There are also vast grasslands in the central and eastern plains which have protein rich grasses. The state also boasts over 48,000 very productive water wells. The mountains are perfect for winter skiing, snowshoeing, or just sitting on the deck with a cup of hot chocolate. You can hike, bike, camp, hunt and fish all in the same day. In addition to deserts, grasslands, and mountains, New Mexico is home to several important water features including the Rio Grande, Canadian, San Juan, Gila and Pecos rivers, and lakes such as Elephant Butte, Navajo, Quamedo, Cochiti, and Caballo. These rivers and lakes are great for fishing and many other water sports.

With millions of acres of public lands, the national forests, State and Bureau of Land Management lands, New Mexico is a great area for recreation. Many Ranches benefit from the fair price of grazing leases and the big game benefit hunters with the remote grass covered valleys. Other attractions include the Aztec Ruins National Monument, indian pueblos and reservations and attractions like Carlsbad Caverns National Park, all must visits in New Mexico. The economy is based on oil and gas production, tourism, agriculture, and government facility spending.  Government jobs relate to the military with three air force bases, a testing range, and an army proving ground. Also, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia, and Intel deliver many critical solutions to America’s challenges.

A few facts about New Mexico

New Mexico has the 6th lowest population density at 17 per sq mile (Total US is 87.4)

New Mexico is the 4th largest State, geographically, in the lower 48.

New Mexico sees an average of 15 inches of precipitation each year.

New Mexicans speak many languages with English, Spanish, Navajo, Tewa, Apache, and others heard frequently.

New Mexico is home to a thriving artist community

New Mexico’s “State Question” is Red or Green – What color chili do you like?

The State Moto is “Everybody is Somebody in New Mexico”

So, When you pass another car on the road, remember to “Wave.”