Expert Advice – Buying & Selling Hunting Land in the Midwest

Nov 30, 2022 - By Hayden Outdoors

Allen Treadwell is many things – professional real estate agent for Hayden Outdoors, a contributor to the company’s leadership team, former Olympic shooting athlete, member of the exclusive Bass Pro Hunting team since 2003, television host of Life on the Land, expert whitetail, turkey, waterfowl and upland game hunter, father and husband.

One thing he is admittedly not? Desk jockey. “I can name every tree on my land, every species of animal out there, but I’m not great at Zoom.” 

This is also why Allen is so good at his job as a Hayden Outdoors recreational real estate professional – his understanding of the land, its purpose, productivity, and profitability run deeper than most. He might not be an expert at online conferencing, but that’s because he doesn’t spend his days in an office, stuck behind a desk or staring out the window. He’s out there, scoping the best hunting land opportunities, walking large-acre parcels with clients, and homesteading his own couple hundred acre farm in southern Missouri.

“At Hayden Outdoors, most of us don’t just sell land; we live on the land. It’s our heritage and our passion.”

When it comes to Allen’s selling region of Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri, that passion rings true in every word. We asked him to give us some insight into buying hunting and large-acre land in this nostalgic and plentiful corner of the country. 


3 Key Reasons Why People are buying Hunting land in Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri


1. The Land is Productive & Affordable

I think part of what is driving people here is how affordable the land is for being as productive as it is. With the price of land skyrocketing across the rest of the country, you can still get a sizable hunting or farming property in Kansas, Arkansas, or Missouri for an affordable price. Yes, interest rates have gone up, but they’re still relatively low compared to the past 30 years. Where I live in southern Missouri, if you own the land, you can hunt it. Every year. I think that’s a big deciding factor.

We see a lot of folks moving out of cities, or out of other places in the West that have simply become unaffordable, and buying in this area. They want 10 – 40 acres to themselves, where they can have a small garden, greenhouse and some animals. It’s becoming increasingly important for people to feel self-sufficient, and to raise their kids outside in the open land and open air.


2. Quality Climate Year-Around

The climate is also an important consideration. In a normal year, we typically get upwards of 40 inches of rainfall while our temperature fluctuations are relatively minimal. We usually don’t see temps above 100 or below zero. This makes for some really productive acres and friendly wildlife habitat. Land in Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri – these pieces of real estate offer folks the opportunity to become modern homesteaders, farming, hunting and exploring their own land. 


3. World Class Hunting Opportunities

The hunting opportunities in the Midwest are incredible, especially for deer and turkey. You can even get those tags over the counter in many of these areas. There’s no draw system for Missouri & Arkansas, however, if you want a guaranteed landowner tag every year in Kansas – you must own at least 80 acres. (Be sure to check local hunting and game harvest laws in each state for up-to-date regulations.)

While other parts of the country are seeing a real estate slowdown, farms, ranches and recreational property sales in Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas don’t show any sign of slowing or devaluing. It’s a very good place to put your money; a very safe place to put your money.


How can you make Improvements to your Hunting land?


Trail Cam hunting land improvements


Tips for Increasing the Value of your Hunting Property:

– road maintenance (and possibly new roads),
– Repairing existing tree stands
– maintained food plots
– a history of trail cam and harvest photos and videos – anything you can add to your hunting property while you own it will return at the closing table. 

As an example of land improvements you can make, Allen currently has some friends who bought a large parcel that was thick with old-growth timber. They went in and put in a road system and food plots, both of which make the land much more productive for either forest management and timber harvesting or hunting (or both). If they sell it, they could definitely do so for more than they bought it for.

Recreational properties are at an all-time high as far as value is concerned. Everyone believes their farm or hunting land should bring in the highest dollars, but not everyone has the talent of making the land great. Allen helps his clients identify what they can do to improve the property and maximize the value of the land.

Anything you can put into the land to make it better, you will get back when you go to sell it.


Why you need to have a Recreational Agent When Buying & Selling Hunting Land


If you’re in the market to buy a hunting property, I think it’s very important to find a good recreational agent who can represent you; someone who walks properties every day and will know – even faster than the buyer does – what a good property is. As a recreational agent, when I get excited about a property, the buyer I’m working with gets excited about it, too, because they know I can identify the value in it.

If you are selling a hunting property, you must have a recreational agent – someone who understands hunting, can talk hunting, and knows how to identify, buy, or sell a recreational property.  For example, to get the most out of a whitetail deer property, the agent needs to know everything about whitetail deer hunting. 

Additionally, my job as a buyer’s agent is to ask the buyer questions: What are you looking for in a hunting property? What do you want in your farmland? At Hayden Outdoors, that’s our number one goal, to represent both buyers and sellers with our expertise and levels of care. That’s where we outshine other agencies. We care about our clients and we do what’s right by them. 


The Experience Allen Brings to Hayden Outdoors


As an Olympic athlete and avid hunter, Allen has traveled the world. He has competed in countless countries, and shot on every continent except Antarctica. Yet, these days, you’ll find him content at home, in his coveted corner of Missouri. He explores real estate opportunities for his clients, or helps them prepare a property to sell.  He’s a dedicated member of the Hayden Outdoors team. “They run the company as a family, and everyone feels that. It’s so, so important.” 

He also spends his time wandering his own property, his six-year old daughter bopping behind him. He now gets to teach her how to spot a hidden whitetail deer or flock of turkeys, feed the cows, and harvest the garden bounty. Ask him about all of it, and Allen sums it up well, “I’ve been very fortunate. Now I like to share my experience with others.” 

To learn more about hunting property opportunities in Missouri, Arkansas, or Kansas, contact Allen or a Hayden Outdoor real estate professional