How Winchester Firearms Continues to Build the Ultimate “Rifleman’s Rifle”

Oct 29, 2021 - By allen treadwell

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With rifle season officially upon us, it’s time to consider adding the ultimate rifleman’s rifle to this year’s hunting kit. When it comes to the best firearms out there, one name comes to mind: Winchester. The new Model 70 and XPR bolt action rifles are the benchmark against which every other bolt-action rifle is measured. 


The Model 70

Model 70 Bolt Action Rifle


Never your ordinary bolt action, the new Model 70 continues to elevate the excellence that has defined this firearm since it was created in 1936. Key features include:

  • M.O.A.™ Trigger System 
  • Improved fit and finish
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Classic Pre-’64 controlled round feeding

The new M.O.A. Trigger System takes accuracy to an entirely new level, providing the most precise three-lever trigger system in the world. The Pre-’64 controlled round feed fully controls the cartridge from magazine to chamber to ejection. Trip Zero Advantage means there is zero take up (the distance the trigger piece travels prior to the shooter feeling resistance), zero creep (perceived movement of the trigger just before the release of the firing pin or striker), and zero overtravel (rearward movement of the trigger once the firing pin or striker has been released). In short, this is as smooth a shot as it gets. The new Model 70 also has a three-position safety, which is easy and convenient to operate with the thumb of your firing hand. 


The Winchester XPR Rifle

Winchester XPR Rifle

Like the Model 70, the Winchester XPR was designed with hunters’ needs in mind. Leading in both performance and precision, the XPR’s innovation caters to the following key issues:

  • Overall accuracy
  • Quality of the trigger system
  • Advanced features
  • Lasting value

The M.O.A. Trigger is also at the heart of the XPR, complemented with the highest quality barrel and action, including its rifling, crown, action interface, and headspace. The result is a comprehensive, expertly crafted, advanced firearm that promises remarkable accuracy. It’s the details that set this rifleman’s rifle apart. Additional features include:

  • Bolt release button for opening the bolt with the safety on
  • Fast 60-degree bolt lift that leaves ample clearance for your scope
  • Superior Inflex Technology recoil pad system


Winchester has been creating world-class weaponry since 1866, from rifles to shotguns and accessories. Make this hunting season your best yet with the superior firearm you deserve – a new Model 70 or XPR bolt action rifle. 

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