About Tennessee

Tennessee is known for its excellent hunting dating back to the Longhunter days in the 1700’s. Explorers made their way thru the rugged mountains of East Tennessee hunting for months on end. Tennessee was discovered and settled by these adventurers.

Habitats vary from the Appalachian Mountains to the bottomland along the Mississippi River. You’ll find anything from wild turkeys to black bears. Or you might venture into the night going raccoon hunting.

Mild weather most of the year means acclaimed fishing everywhere, all the time in Tennessee. Broad, slow rivers, peaceful lakes and fast-running mountain streams continue to call fisherman to Tennessee’s sparkling waters.

Roughly half of Tennessee is covered with farmland making it one of the top ag producers in the nation. Top commodities include cattle, soybeans, corn, wheat and hay giving landowners endless opportunities. Many farms for sale in Tennessee include multi-use opportunities such as hunting land, fishing properties, country homes and rural vacant land properties.
Tennessee’s agriculture industry sustains the life of the state, providing food, fuel and fiber for its citizens along with the rest of the world. The state is home to 69,983 farms that spread over 10.8 million acres. The average size of a Tennessee farm is about 155 acres.

Fun Facts

  • Tennessee has more than 3,800 documented caves.
  • Tennessee is known as the Volunteer State because of its high number of volunteers during the War of 1812.
  • Tennessee is the home of Mountain Dew, which was originally created as a soda to mix with whiskey.
  • Nashville, TN is known as Music City and is the country music capital of the world
  • The Lost Sea, in nearby Sweetwater, TN is the largest underwater lake in America.