The Sooner State

Oklahoma, also known as the Sooner State, is a major producer of natural gas, oil, and agricultural products.

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About Oklahoma

The state has some of the most diverse terrain as it lies between the Great Plains and Ozark Plateau and includes small mountain ranges, prairies, mesas, and eastern forests. High plains abound in the west boundary to low wetlands in the southeastern boundary. The four primary mountain ranges that can be found in the state are the Ouachita Mountains, the Arbuckle Mountains, the Wichita Mountains, and the Ozark Mountains. The state has the highest number of artificial reservoirs in the nation along with 500 named creeks and 200 lakes.

The state can be divided into six regions:

Northwest – Red Carpet Country

Northeast – Green County

Central – Frontier County

Southwest – Great Plains Country

South Central – Chickasaw Country

Southeast – Choctaw Country

Around 5.5% of american beef originates from Oklahoma as the state ranks fifth in cattle production. The state has about 86,000 farms producing animal products and crops.

This state is full of western adventure with a wide variety of outdoor activities and historic wonders. The state is filled with American Indian culture and beautiful parks. Oklahoma is home to 50 state parks, six national parks, two national protected forests and several wildlife preserves and conservation areas. Oklahoma is a land of surprises and there is something for everyone who visits the state.

From Indian heritage and Viking explorers to land runs and oil booms, Oklahoma has a history unlike any other state. Historical sites throughout the state honor Oklahoma’s original residents, settlers and a wide variety of history making people and events.

Facts About Oklahoma:

State Capitol: Oklahoma City

Area: 69,903 square miles – 20th biggest state in the US

Population: 3,850,568

Major Industries: Farming, oil and natural gas

State Animal: Buffalo