New Mexico

Hunting in New Mexico

New Mexico is world renowned for it's trophy Elk hunting and excellent Mule Deer and Pronghorn antelope. From the northern border throughout the state lies pinon covered hills and canyons, craggy rock bluffs to aspen covered ridges and juniper filled canyons. This terrain offers great bedding and cover for wildlife, but it's believed to be the soils and minerals in the plant growth are what gives the big game their massive antler growth.


The game bird hunting season usually ranges from September through November. The most common foul hunted in New Mexico are quail and dove, followed by turkey and grouse. Excellent Scaled Quail hunting brings out-of-state bird hunters to the small towns of the southwest. Four species of quail can be hunted in New Mexico: Scaled, Bobwhite, Gambel’s and Montezuma.


Northeastern New Meixco has some great Canada Goose and Duck hunting. Outfitters stock fields full of decoys so hunters can bring in the flocks from high above. Due to the arid climate of New Mexico, ponds and reservoirs make for destinations for both goose and duck hunters alike.


The big game hunting season in New Mexico ranges from August through December. Monster elk are harvested every year from private and public lands and reservations. Trophy mule deer and antelope also bring high dollar hunts and long waiting periods for hunters seeking a license to take one of these elusive creatures. Hunters are buying land to gain annual access to excellent hunting ground, and many of the state’s helpful incentives make land and habitat improvement common among active hunters and conservationists. Creating water catches, planting feed habitat and conserving land for wildlife use are just some of the ways both hunters and wildlife benefit.


The hunting season for predators, (or fur bearing animals) in ranges from September to December. Licensed hunters can trap badger, red fox, raccoon, skunk, muskrat, beaver, bobcat and coyote. Coyotes are a common animal in the whole state of New Mexico. There are also populations of Squirrels, cottontails, snowshoe hair, jackrabbits, marmots, and prairie dogs.