About Missouri

Missouri has a great agricultural background. The Show Me State is home to more than 100,000 farms, covering two-thirds of the state’s total land acreage and supporting many of the state’s top agricultural commodities including soybeans, corn, cattle and calves, hogs, and turkeys.

Missouri’s terrain contributes greatly to its agricultural diversity. Fertile soil, great for growing crops, is plentiful across the state. The Ozark Plateau, the largest part of Missouri, is covered in forested hills and known for its large lakes and clear rivers.

In the bootheel region, appropriately named for its distinctive shape, rich farmland supports crops ranging from cotton and rice to corn and soybeans. This varied terrain allows the state to produce many different and unexpected crops including several unique grape varieties that make rich, flavorful Missouri wines.

You’ll find an abundance of white-tailed deer and wild turkeys in its diverse terrain. The lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri is known nationally for its largemouth bass fishing.

Fun Facts

  • The state animal is the Mule.
  • St. Louis is also called, “The Gateway to the West” and “Home of the Blues”.
  • Home to more than 6,000 caves and the only cave restaurant in the United States
  • The Gateway Arch in St. Louis has an elevator in it that goes to the top of the 630 foot arch
  • The first successful parachute jump to be made from a moving airplane was made by Captain Berry at St. Louis, in 1912.
  • Ice cream cones made from waffles were first invented in Missouri in the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904
  • The first parachute jump from a plane was also made at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis on March 1, 1912