Hunting in Iowa

Iowans are very connected to the land as it is a state that offers great hunting, specifically deer hunting along with turkey and pheasants. Everyone knows that this state is the place to go for that chance at the buck of a lifetime.

Deer season ranges from late September to Early January in Iowa. White-tail deer thrive here as it has an abundance of food source and a winter climate that is very suitable for a prolonged length of time. The nutrition also enables the deer to have a high reproductive rate. Another reason why deer in Iowa do well is because they are very mobile. Their movement here allows them to fill voids left open.

You can find a big buck across the whole state but they typically are found in the eastern, western and southern areas. Turkey hunting is generally from October to December and then again in April and May in Iowa. For several years, turkeys were absent from the state but ever since the Iowa Department of Natural Resources initiated a program to return turkey’s to the state in the 60’s, it has become a popular spot to hunt for turkeys. Pheasant and small game hunting ranges from the end of October to the beginning of January. Pheasants, quail, cottontail rabbits, and squirrels are the most popular upland game species.