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Hunting in Nebraska

Nebraska has a diverse landscape that offers a variety of huntable wildlife. Deer, pheasants and turkey are all great selections in this state. Nebraska is also at the heart of the central flyaway for ducks and geese, and the Missouri River is home to several types of waterfowl. In the northwest part of the state, there are unique opportunities for elk and pronghorn. Deer season runs from mid-september to the end of December. Nebraska has both white-tail and mule deer that roam the land. White-tail can be found in every part of the state. They prefer wooded creeks and can be heavily found in the river valleys of eastern Nebraska. Turkey season is from mid-September to January and then again in March through May. Wild turkeys have made a comeback as the population has grown substantially in the state. They can be found along wooded rivers and creeks throughout most of the state. Small game seasons, such as pheasant are from the end of October to the end of January. Pheasants are very popular for hunters in Nebraska. They can be found in grassy areas and all throughout the state, most more heavily in the Southwest and Northeast part of the state.

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