Corporate Funding To Grow Organic Farm Production

Dec 06, 2016 - By Hayden Outdoors

American Farmers are the most intelligent and innovative in the world.  It is inspiring to me to see the advances in Agriculture in general. I look forward to the next 20 years of better production, better management and just generally producers thinking outside of the “box”.

Today’s tough commodities prices and increasing regulations has made it very tough on all farming operations.  The best producers are actively looking for ways to maintain income with increased production, reduced costs and in some instances specialty crops and markets.  Organic demand is very high and the ability of farmers to tap into organic profits is increasing.  The certification of land and overall process to gain organic classification on ground has been a barrier to the amount of acres in organic production.  New technologies with seed and operations have allowed the good organic producers to make sense of all of the “red tape” required to gain organic designation on lands.  Increased yields with excellent demands for many specialty crops will allow producers to profit.  With these possibilities come a good amount of risk.  This is why excellent management is so critical in limiting risk and achieving better profits.

Recently an article was published on corporate funding of organic farms by well-known businesses that see a huge need for more organic farming. They go so far as to lend organic farmers funds to increase the volume and acreage of their organic farms. Read it in its entirety here.

I am confident in our producers nationwide learning the skills necessary to meet the demand of the general public with regards to organic and other specialty products.  Please read the article below and see our website for organic farms for sale and land for sale in general!


Dax Hayden
Hayden Outdoors, LLC, Managing Partner
Landleader, LLC. National Director.