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What Our Clients Say

Very Satisfied
She found a buyer quickly. I was very satisfied with Twila, so much so that I am working with her to sell another piece of property. Gaynell Gavin
Twila Geroux
My Dream 20 Acre Parcel
Kristie helped me find my dream 20 acre parcel in the Madison Valley. I've worked with a number of real estate agents over the years and have met some good and some just OK (thankfully none bad). Kristie is top notch. There are a lot of reasons that I say this but what differentiates her is her personality. She is someone who immediately makes you feel comfortable and understands that this is your decision to be done at your pace. Put simply, she never made me feel like she was trying to get me to buy something, rather she was assisting me in making a purchase. A subtle difference but a big one. If you are looking for a property in the area that Kristie is servicing you will find that she is an outstanding choice. Jim Ossner
Great Work!
Twila made everything easy! Was great working with Twila, she always made herself available and the transaction very smooth & easy. Carol Feuny with Dancing Quakies Property
Twila Geroux
Professional Manner
We used Leo Hayden of Hayden Outdoors Properties of Goodland, Kansas , when we sold the Box Ranch, a partnership ranch, in 2008. We were very satisfied with the mannerism in which he handled this transaction. It was a total business venture, handled in the best professional manner. I would totally recommend Leo Hayden in handling property to be sold. If we were selling or purchasing additional property there would never be a question of who to use; it would be Leo Hayden of Hayden Outdoors Properties. MARTIN ZEHNER
Leo Hayden
Professional Magic
Dear Sirs, Please accept this letter as an expression of gratitude and as a commendation of Greg Liddle. Mr. Liddle is a credit to Hayden Outdoors and should be recognized as not only a top caliber realtor but, more importantly, a top caliber person. Greg recently developed a qualified Buyer, generated a contract and closed the sale of our property, a USDA Certified Organic Farm. One might ask why an organic farmer would seek out a broker and organization specializing in recreational properties. It was actually quite simple: it was all about Greg and his high level of enthusiasm and his unwavering commitment to performance. I watched Greg sell a property across the road and asked him to come and visit with my wife and me. It was after meeting Greg that I decided to violate the time honored maxim of “location, location, location”. My wife and I knew all along that our Buyer would not come from our small, rural market but previous real estate agencies (the two largest in the SW corner of Colorado) refused to accept our premise. They kept telling us, ”Well, if they come to town, we’ve got `em”. Wrong. Greg proceeded to market our property. He diligently put out his trail cameras and captured beautiful shots of hard charging zucchini and apples in the rut. Now, there are still a lot of deer and elk here and trophy fly fishing within a yawn of our property, but Greg was discharged the mission of finding a Buyer who wanted to grow vegetables; and he did. Greg was given strict orders to qualify his Prospects, including showing proof of financial capability, and required signings of both a Confidentiality Statement and a tough Restrictive Covenant. Even with these stringent requirements in place, Greg immediately quadrupled the number of showings and provided us with legitimate Prospects. Greg found our Buyer and brought him to us. He was indeed from outside our market area. Our Buyer was actually on his way to place an offer on another farm and Greg persuaded him to swing by for a visit. That was all it took. While working his professional magic (that may actually be his southern BS) he not only sold the Buyer our property, but the property adjacent to us, doubling the size of his new farm. This simultaneous sale was an amazingly intricate, nerve racking deal, replete with dozens of nail-biting complications. It also involved two Sellers as aggressive as a loner doe with twin fawns. Greg nailed the deal: cash Buyer, 30 day close, no survey, no home inspection, one 2 day extension due to the incompetence of the fund-wiring bank and no BS. The property conveyed to a truly ecstatic and grateful Buyer. Sweet! Having an extensive background in real estate myself, I easily recognize the exhibition of a strong work ethic as well as Greg’s unrelenting professionalism. I ask you to seriously consider my comments and accept my most profound appreciation for a job well done. As an additional comment: two days before closing, my wife and I were returning to our farm from town when our truck hit a patch of black ice on the highway. Our truck spun out of control and we wound up 30 feet down a cliff, and lucky to be alive. Later that evening, as it became apparent that we were to be released from the hospital with manageable injuries, my only call was to Greg Liddle. Greg came to the hospital, to our aid. He called our children to inform them that we would be OK and then drove us through a blinding blizzard to our home 40 miles away. He was there for us. My family is extremely close-nit. We are very private people and tend to keep to ourselves. Until recently, I had only two real friends in my life. Now I have three. Sincerely, Peter Reardon
Greg Liddle
#1 Realtor
Greg, I want to let you know how much I appreciate a #1 realtor like you, Linda and your very understanding wife. Without you I don’t know what I would’ve done. You stuck with it through thick and thin always very professional in all you did. You were always there for me through all 3 sales.I know there were some sleepless nights but you never quit. You put in many hours and many, many miles. I also want to Thank you for being there for my purchase of the new ranch and making it possible. I would recommend you to everyone that wants a #1 ranch broker. Thanks so much for all you did for me! Debbie Wallace. P.S. I would use you again!!!!
Greg Liddle
A Huge Help
Last year my siblings and I decided it was time to sell the land we inherited from our parents. My brother put it on our local buy, sell, trade. Cody saw this and contacted my brother about Hayden Outdoors selling for us. We all agreed to let Cody take it on. Cody was very good about working with us as our situation was a little out of the ordinary. He also had all the paperwork done for us which was a huge help. I would recommend Cody if you are trying to sell your land! Thanks Cody! Patty Chesney
So Responsive
I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate you. We toasted you with a glass of wine a couple days ago! You are always so responsive about staying in touch. Thanks! John and Jane Francis
Bill Vacek
Honesty and Integrity
"We have used Jim to facilitate the purchase or sale of more than ten properties over the last 15 years. He is a solutions-oriented broker, solving problems as they arise. Jim approaches transactions with honesty and integrity. There have been several transactions where he has represented both the other party and us and we have always known he had our best interests at heart. We will continue to use Jim for all our Colorado real estate transactions." Paula and Jeffrey Pyatt
Jim Digby
“One Of The Best”
In my experience dealing with real estate companies, Hayden Outdoors is by far “one of the best” in the business. Hayden Outdoors’ experience, contacts, knowledge of the local market and negotiating skills were invaluable. I seriously question whether I would have been able to purchase the property I did without Hayden Outdoors. Jack Tolliver, M.D. Louisville, Kentucky