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Eagle Roost Ranch, South Dakota
Property Types: Farms, Ranches for Sale, Waterfront, Recreational

$4,225,000 / 2,148.00 Acres / Sold
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Gregory County
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Farms, Ranches for Sale, Waterfront, Recreational

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Selling at ABSOLUTE AUCTION on June 19, 2019 at 11:00 AM in The Gregory Memorial Auditorium. Download the Propery Information Packet along the botom left side for full auction information. This auction will combine the “live outcry” method and the “online” auction method.  Buyers can choose either to show up at the auction and bid to the auctioneer “live” or bid live real time online via the internet. 

Featuring large herds of white-tailed deer, abundant migratory and resident waterfowl, multiple flocks of wild turkey and excellent fishing on the Missouri River, the 2,148± acre Eagle Roost Ranch is among the richest, most diverse properties that we have had the privilege to represent. The Karl E Mundt National Wildlife Refuge, established in 1974 for the primary purpose of bald eagle conservation, borders the ranch on both the North and South sides. The ranch consists of 1854± acres deeded and approximately 294± acres of accretion land. The accretion land is presently being surveyed and the actual acreage will be updated when the survey is completed. The process of obtaining a quit claim deed to the accretion land is underway. The sellers will provide the same to the new owner after completion. The Missouri River flows for over 1.5 miles on the eastern border of the ranch and provides extensive riparian habitat. Other prominent water resources include a four-acre pond fed by a flowing artesian well, six smaller ponds, rural water, springs and wetlands.  

The property consists of approximately 500± acres of productive bottomland and timber flanked by broad, tree lined river breaks and a plateau elevated above the valley floor. The agricultural component of the ranch is leased to a local rancher who runs 200-225 cow/calf pairs on the property for approximately 5 months. The ranch has approximately 146± acres irrigated using a Valley center pivot irrigation system. Another 177± acres of alfalfa are sub-irrigated along the river bottom along with additional 90 acres of dryland crop.

 Now, the Eagle Roost Ranch is poised to be the foundation to build your dream and legacy.  It is highly regarded for its privacy, careful management, extensive grazing resources and diverse wildlife populations. The property ranges in elevation from 1.250 feet at the lower end to 1700 feet on top and encompasses a variety of landforms, from cedar lined river breaks and high meadows to tree lined hay meadows with sweeping views of The Missouri River. Eagle Roost Ranch offers enticing possibilities for the discerning buyer seeking a wise investment or a beautiful place to call home with its stunning views. It offers the best of South Dakota recreation as well as an opportune ag investment.


The Eagle Roost Ranch is located 6 miles south of Pickstown, South Dakota along County Road 73.

 Locale and Wildlife:

Lake Francis Case and Fort Randall Dam are located within the rolling plain of the Missouri Plateau, and bordered by rugged bluffs, broken by a complex of eroded canyons and ravines and has become one of the most popular recreation spots in the Great Plains. More than 50 years after Lewis and Clark forged a path up the Missouri River, Fort Randall was built along the river near present-day Pickstown. Fishing is a very popular activity on Lake Francis Case. Walleye is the primary sport fish although bass, crappie, pike and catfish are also fished on the lake.

 Located along the Missouri River below Fort Randall Dam, Karl E. Mundt NWR is managed to provide habitat for bald eagles. Today, the Refuge protects one of the last remnants of natural habitat along the Missouri River, and it benefits more than bald eagles. During spring and summer, the woods are alive with the calls, songs, and striking colors of woodland birds. Blue jays, cardinals, orioles, phoebes, wood peewees, warblers, grosbeaks, woodpeckers, and cuckoos dart through the treetops. Bobwhites and wild turkeys stalk the forest edges. This refuge was established in 1974 for the primary purpose of bald eagle conservation. The refuge contains one of the last stretches of truly natural Missouri River bottomland. The broken topography of the river breaks provides valuable riparian habitat. Draws and northern aspects are heavily wooded with deciduous forests that provide essential roosting and nesting sites for bald eagles and many other migratory birds. A wide variety of wild species utilizes this unique habitat. Thousands of ducks and geese frequent the refuge during the annual migrations, while water birds such as the ring-billed and Franklin's gulls, common and least terns, double-crested cormorants and white pelicans rest and feed along the wide Missouri. Both whitetail and mule deer slip secretly through the dense woodlands, often shadowed by coyotes or bobcats. Wild turkeys roost in the towering cottonwoods, while raccoons, mink, skunks, foxes and cottontails meander through the underbrush. Along the woodland margins, flocks of ring-necked pheasants and bobwhites scratch for wild and cultivated seeds, while occasional red-tailed and ferruginous hawks watch from above, waiting for a chance to strike.

Dozens of species of songbirds native to the cottonwood-willow-dogwood habitat zone can be found on the refuge. During spring migration and nesting season, the woods seem ablaze with the striking colors as warblers, orioles, cardinals, grosbeaks and blue jays dart through the treetops. Each spring, well-known songsters such as brown thrashers, mockingbirds, meadowlarks and song sparrows fill the woods with nature's harmony.

 Acreage and Current Operation:

The acreage consists of 1854± acres deeded and approximately 294± acres of accretion land. The property is presently rented through the 2019 season. A copy of the lease is available upon request. The agricultural component of the ranch is leased to a local rancher who runs 200-225 cow/calf pairs on the property for approximately 5 months. Water for livestock is supplied by 7 ponds and rural water piped to 4 tanks. The large four acre pond is fed by a flowing artesian well. The ranch has approximately 146± acres irrigated using a Valley center pivot irrigation system. The center pivot is an eight tower, 1336 foot long 1998 Valley with upgraded digital controls. Irrigation water is supplied by a 94 foot well with a static water level of 14 feet and pumps 1000 gallons per minute. Another 177± acres of alfalfa are sub-irrigated along the river bottom along with additional 90 acres of dryland crop.


In Pickstown, average annual precipitation is 22.6 inches, with most of that falling between March and September.  Winter days are generally sunny with the coldest month being January with an average high temperature of 30.2 degrees.  Summers consist of warm days and cool evenings.  Average high temperature in July is 87.8 degrees and the average low is 62.6. The growing season is approximately 141 days. Elevation at the Eagles Roost Ranch ranges from 1.250 feet to 1700 feet.


Lake Francis Case attracts more than 1 million visitors each year to its shores. Recreation opportunities around the lake include camping, fishing, hunting, boating, sailing, swimming, skiing, bird-watching and photography. Campgrounds managed by the State of South Dakota are located above and below Fort Randall Dam. Amenities include electricity, potable water, modern bathrooms, playground equipment, trailer dump stations and boat ramps. A select few campgrounds also have camping cabins available.

 Mineral Rights:

Any mineral rights appurtenant to the property owned by the sellers will transfer with the real estate. The owners make no representation as to its percentage ownership.


The 2018 real estate taxes payable in 2019 are $8469 annually.

 Fences & Boundaries:

The perimeter of the property is completely fenced. The seller is making known to all potential purchasers that there may be variations between the deeded property lines and the location of the existing fence boundary lines on the subject property. Seller makes no warranties about the location of the fence lines in relationship to the deeded property lines, nor does the seller make any warranties or representations regarding specific acreage within the fenced property lines.  Seller is selling the property in an “as is” condition which includes the location of the fences as they exist. Boundaries shown on accompanying maps are approximate based on the legal description and may not indicate a survey.  Maps are not to scale and are for visual aid only.  Their accuracy is not guaranteed.

 Broker Comments:

This is a place of inspiration and solitude. The possibilities and opportunities are as endless as the Western Sky.  Steeping ourselves in beauty is one of the most practical investments one can make.  By sharing this beauty with other loved ones, you will be developing memories and building eternal legacies. Eagle Roost Ranch is where you and your family can make memories that will last a lifetime, a place where your dreams can become reality. This property offers many possibilities such as a premier ranch estate and multiple steams of income from grazing, hay production and hunting. Truly some of the most spectacular views along the Missouri River corridor.


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