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HOAM Contract and By-laws


WHEREAS, this Membership Contract shall bestow the privileges and restrictions of Membership in Club upon Member; It is further acknowledged by the parties hereto that the Club’s primary properties include the states of Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas, and that the specific state laws governing hunting and recreational activities in those states supersede any allowance or privilege made to Member herein. This agreement shall be interpreted, construed, and enforced pursuant to the laws of the State of Colorado.

WHEREAS, Member desires to join Club as a Member and benefit from the activities and privileges provided to Members.

THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

1. DUES Member shall pay yearly dues of $1500.00. Member shall receive his/her membership card upon payment of his/her dues and enrollment fee or may use payment receipt from online payment as proof of membership. The normal Membership Term shall be for a term of 12 months.

2. PAYMENT Failure to remit payment simultaneous with this Membership Contract shall render the privileges of membership null and void until payment of stated fees.

3. BY-LAWS Signing and submission of this Membership Contract is an agreement by Member to follow and be bound by the By-Laws of Club. Failure to adhere to the Bylaws of Club, terms of Membership Contract, or State and Federal law will result in immediate termination of Membership.

4. RENEWAL Compliance with Membership Contract, By-Laws, and timely payment of applicable fees shall make Member eligible for renewal. Renewal shall be at the full discretion of Club officers and is not guaranteed in any circumstance.

5. REMEDY In the event Club deems it necessary to engage legal counsel to enforce provisions of this agreement, the rules, regulations or bylaws of Club against Member, such Member agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and costs of suit incurred by Club. Hayden Leasing, LLC


  • Member understands the Club property consists of undeveloped and untamed land, and is familiar with the dangers and hazards that may occur on such land. Member understands that hunting is a dangerous activity and that there may be hazards. Club makes no warranty that the land is free of hazards commonly known to occur on undeveloped, agricultural, or conservation reserve acreage. These dangers include but are not limited to: holes, cracks or openings in the earth, fence wire, snakes, wells, swamps, brush and other growth, ponds, harmful plants, wild or poisonous animals, insects, bats, unauthorized or careless persons on the land, other hunters, or other risks that may be dangerous and cause injury and/or death.

  • Member hereby agrees to forever release, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Club from and against any and all liability, claims, fines, settlements, damages, demands, suits or causes of action whatsoever in nature, including but not limited to reasonable attorney's fees, arising out of bodily injury to, illness or death of any person, damage to property of any person, legal entity, or third party, in any occurrence incident to or arising out of or relating to the activities authorized in Membership Agreement and By-Laws or any activities occurring upon the land in accordance with the authorized activities in Membership Agreement and By-laws.

  • Member understands and realizes there are inherent dangers from the sport of hunting, and engaging in such activities on the Land, including danger from other hunters, the inherent danger of injury from the presence or use of firearms, and other dangers of any nature whatsoever, including dangers of bodily injury or damage which may occur from activities related to hunting such as, the use of hunting knives, axes, arrows, traveling by vehicle over rough terrain, getting into and out of stands for hunting, and the risk of such injury or damage caused by other hunters.

  • Member, as agent for his family, heirs, assigns, and other such individuals hereby expressly stipulates to and covenants to the above conditions.

  • All Guests of Member MUST SIGN INDIVIDUAL RELEASE. Failure of Guest to sign individual release of liability as stated in By-Laws, shall result in forfeit of membership by Member. Member further agrees to indemnify and reimburse Club against any cause of action brought by their Guest against Club or other Member.

7. NOTICE Signing this agreement, Member acknowledges and affirms that the foregoing release, indemnification and discharge waives potentially valuable causes of action or claims. Member signs this agreement of his/her own free will and volitions. Member is advised to seek legal counsel prior to signing this agreement.

8. Member acknowledges that he/she has read and understands the content of this agreement, and that no representation or warranties, oral or written, other than those contained herein, have been made to him/her. All sales are final. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement the day the year first above written.

BY-LAWS 10/2017


2. All members must have completed State-Approved hunter safety course. Members are responsible for any and all acts or negligence of their guests. Any unsafe act by any hunter will cause automatic suspension and removal from club property. Any unlawful act will be reported to proper authorities. Unlawful acts or those acts contrary to a safe hunting environment will result in termination of Membership.

3. Cost of membership in the club is $1,500 per year. Membership access runs from September 1st through the following year on May 31st. Membership fees need to be paid prior to access to lands.

4. All hunters, members and guests, must sign a release form before hunting. Failure to submit a waiver for all guests PRIOR TO HUNTING will result in termination of Membership. Members who fail to submit liability waivers for those guests invited by them shall indemnify and reimburse Hayden Leasing, LLC in the event of any action or lawsuit by their guests against Hayden Leasing, LLC.

5. All new members are subject to probationary, Zero-Tolerance period for their first year of membership.

6. Any minor under 18 who comes to hunt with his/her parent will be the parent’s responsibility and must stay with the parent at all times. Parents are required to sign a release form for the minor. Youth must follow all state hunting guidelines and regulations. Parents are responsible for the acts of their minor child.

7. Members are allowed to hunt on club land any time during lease period Guests MAY NOT hunt without a Member present. During the hunts, all members and guests will obey the state hunting regulations.

8. Hunts will begin at legal shooting light.

9. Any person, member or guest killing a deer during season, will be responsible for cleaning the deer, cleaning the skinning shed and removing the remains. Deer carcasses, bones, or waste MAY NOT be left in ditches or on property. Dumping of carcass is the responsibility of the Member. 10. Planning and communicating deer hunts is critical to game management and low pressure hunting. Please consult manager to review deer hunting opportunities.

10. Planning and communicating deer hunts is critical to game management and low pressure hunting. Please consult manager to review deer hunting opportunities.

11. No upland birds or waterfowl will be hunted during rifle deer season. Anyone killing upland bird or waterfowl during a hunt, or engaging in upland or waterfowl hunting on properties reserved for deer hunting during the applicable season will be fined $250.00. Shooting predators is allowed anytime of the lease, including coyotes, foxes and bobcat.

12. Members are allowed a maximum of two (2) guests per visit.

13. There will be a $125.00 charge per hunt per guest. Members are responsible for their guest. No guest will be allowed to hunt the first week of each season. Individuals may hunt Hayden Leasing, LLC land as a guest no more than three (3) total times. If they join after 3 days of hunting, $375.00 will count towards their annual dues and will be pro-rated. Members will be responsible for collecting guest fees and signing a release form. Forms and fees MUST be submitted prior to hunting.

14. Theft will not be tolerated. Suspension of member and prosecution will be enforced.

15. Positively NO alcoholic beverages are allowed while hunting. Members may not be in possession of a firearm or engage in the act of hunting while under the influence of any alcoholic substance, narcotic, hash oil, herb, or other drug REGARDLESS OF STATE LAW. This means no beer during lunch. Persons failing to comply will be suspended before hunting for the remainder of the hunting season. Any person caught or reported using any kind of narcotic drug anytime on club property will be suspended. (This does not include prescription drugs.)

16. Positively NO littering (This includes while on stands). Anyone littering will be suspended for the remainder of the hunting season.

17. All members are encouraged to have a dog box to keep dog in during the night. There will be a kennel at the lodge (but not guaranteed a spot). All dogs need to be current on all vaccines.

18. Any member found to be in violation of these rules or otherwise contributing to an unsafe or unenjoyable hunting atmosphere will be suspended at the full discretion of Hayden Leasing, LLC.

19. The use of lodging at “The Bank” will be done on a case by case, determined by Hayden family at a rate of $75.00 a person per night.

20. Any time a member or guest arrives at the clubhouse, all individuals present must sign into the logbook. Members must log out of the book when they leave the property. 

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