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Melissa Buus

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Melissa was born and raised in Washington State.  While growing up she traveled often around the United States and internationally as well.  She attended college at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington.  She pursued and completed an education in Business Management.  She has managed and owned several small businesses in her life.  

Growing up she traveled and was exposed to many different landscapes in the country. She has acquired a lot of knowledge regarding land, housing and real estate. She also has lived on the West coast, East Coast, Gulf of Mexico and currently resides in South Central Texas.  She lives on a ranch with several animals, her llama being her most favorite.  Freetime is spent hiking, at the beach,  fishing in the Florida Keys and exploring the huge State of Texas. 

She has managed several real estate offices,specializing in farm & ranch, and been involved in transaction services and compliance prior to being a licensed real estate agent.