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What Our Clients Say

Two Huge "Thumbs Up"!
Two Huge "Thumbs Up" for Greg Liddle I've been a real estate attorney and very active real estate investor and developer for over thirty years. Over that period of time, I have worked with more real estate salespeople/brokers than I can even count -- both as a seller and as a buyer. My experience is that it's not easy to find a real estate broker who has the knowledge, background, personality and overall professional skill-set that can truly comprise a make-or-break a difference in bringing a transaction to a successful close. Greg Liddle brings all those talents to the table, and more. I just closed on the sale of a large, multi-million dollar ranch property in New Mexico. The property was stunningly beautiful with many unique advantages -- not the least of which were 30 annual private elk permits -- but one that also presented unique challenges to its marketing. It was located a long distance from major metropolitan areas, it was priced higher than any other property in the area, and it was comprised of numerous parcels with different zoning and development potential. After having unsuccessfully listing the property for some time with a local broker, I engaged Greg. He and his company brought incredible world-wide marketing efforts to bear via phenomenal internet outreach, the most prestigious sportsman's trade shows, national print presence, etc. He also managed the elk tag permitting for the ranch while it was being marketed. My ranch sale was by far the most challenging, complicated transaction to which I have ever been a party. That closing would never have happened if not for Greg. To add to the complication, our deal even involved the sale of unrelated properties with multiple sellers. Through it all, Greg worked with all the parties involved, and helped me navigate successfully through numerous potential land mines that would most likely have sabotaged the transaction in lesser-skilled hands. He worked closely and informatively with the buyer and buyer's attorney. He stayed on top of the transaction from beginning to end, keeping everyone fully-informed every step of the way. His attention to detail and consistent positive attitude were critical throughout. Finally, and by far my most valuable take-away from the entire experience, is that I have made a life-long friend. Greg is not only a true real estate professional, he's a genuinely great guy, with a contagiously-upbeat and winning personality. If you want the best of the best, I could not recommend anyone more than Greg Liddle. Roger Meeker Eagle Nest Ranch LLC September 7, 2014
Greg Liddle
Compliments To Lisa & Twila Out of Westcliffe
Hello Mr. Hayden ~ I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about my Hayden Outdoors experience and two of your agents! I have a little ranch in Westcliffe, Colorado ("Rocky Mountain Ranch" on your website). After trying to sell for 4-1/2 years, I was completely disillusioned with the agents I had been dealing with thus far, and the whole process in general. That is, until I went to talk with Lisa Frank and Twila Geroux. They both took a lot of time with me explaining Hayden's marketing strategy and their plan for selling my home. They had answers for my many questions and an understanding "hug" for my frustrations with what I had been through in my attempts to sell. After giving it a lot of thought, I made the decision to list my ranch with Lisa and Twila. They both came out, took pictures (Lisa is quite the photographer, did you know that?), and got me listed right away. Then I sat back and prepared myself for what I thought would be a long wait to sell. Lisa called me six, (6), (yes, 6) days later with a good, solid offer! She worked very hard with the buyers to get them signed, get money delivered, and ready to close. Without her hard-working, butt-kicking, professional manner, and spot-on instincts about how to handle the buyer, none of this would have happened. And more than once this straight-shootin' cowgirl had to remind me who was the agent in this deal! She held my hand through the entire process, often sending me email updates at midnight! So now I am moving on to my dream home and I feel I owe a huge debt of thanks to Lisa and Twila for their ceaseless commitment to their work. I am very grateful I chose Lisa, Twila and Hayden Outdoors! Just wanted you to know :-) Many thanks, Jaye Jensen
Rare Find
I can tell you this, you are a rare find as far as Realtors go. You are one of few who actually listen to a clients wants and needs and attempts to show properties that actually meet those criteria! Thanks for that.
Shad Sheldon
Understands how to market a rural property
Honestly we feel thru prayer and a break from the pressure to work with a system that just wanted to list our property and throw it out there, we noticed a nice clean black truck with the name “Hayden Outdoors Real Estate” with a Lecompton phone number and address just two miles from our home. Kim and I looked at each other. We picked up the phone and called the phone number. We met with Shad Sheldon within a couple of days. We shared our frustration about the marketing of our home outside the parameters of the MLS system. I can’t tell you how comforting it was when Shad finished our sentences; understanding exactly what the issues were for us. We have been marketed by Hayden Outdoors for 4 months and have had 5 families show interest in the home; with a 6th showing for next week. All of these showings have been with serious, well qualified buyers. This company understands how to market a rural property and spends the money to do so.
Shad Sheldon
Professional Magic
Dear Sirs, Please accept this letter as an expression of gratitude and as a commendation of Greg Liddle. Mr. Liddle is a credit to Hayden Outdoors and should be recognized as not only a top caliber realtor but, more importantly, a top caliber person. Greg recently developed a qualified Buyer, generated a contract and closed the sale of our property, a USDA Certified Organic Farm. One might ask why an organic farmer would seek out a broker and organization specializing in recreational properties. It was actually quite simple: it was all about Greg and his high level of enthusiasm and his unwavering commitment to performance. I watched Greg sell a property across the road and asked him to come and visit with my wife and me. It was after meeting Greg that I decided to violate the time honored maxim of “location, location, location”. My wife and I knew all along that our Buyer would not come from our small, rural market but previous real estate agencies (the two largest in the SW corner of Colorado) refused to accept our premise. They kept telling us, ”Well, if they come to town, we’ve got `em”. Wrong. Greg proceeded to market our property. He diligently put out his trail cameras and captured beautiful shots of hard charging zucchini and apples in the rut. Now, there are still a lot of deer and elk here and trophy fly fishing within a yawn of our property, but Greg was discharged the mission of finding a Buyer who wanted to grow vegetables; and he did. Greg was given strict orders to qualify his Prospects, including showing proof of financial capability, and required signings of both a Confidentiality Statement and a tough Restrictive Covenant. Even with these stringent requirements in place, Greg immediately quadrupled the number of showings and provided us with legitimate Prospects. Greg found our Buyer and brought him to us. He was indeed from outside our market area. Our Buyer was actually on his way to place an offer on another farm and Greg persuaded him to swing by for a visit. That was all it took. While working his professional magic (that may actually be his southern BS) he not only sold the Buyer our property, but the property adjacent to us, doubling the size of his new farm. This simultaneous sale was an amazingly intricate, nerve racking deal, replete with dozens of nail-biting complications. It also involved two Sellers as aggressive as a loner doe with twin fawns. Greg nailed the deal: cash Buyer, 30 day close, no survey, no home inspection, one 2 day extension due to the incompetence of the fund-wiring bank and no BS. The property conveyed to a truly ecstatic and grateful Buyer. Sweet! Having an extensive background in real estate myself, I easily recognize the exhibition of a strong work ethic as well as Greg’s unrelenting professionalism. I ask you to seriously consider my comments and accept my most profound appreciation for a job well done. As an additional comment: two days before closing, my wife and I were returning to our farm from town when our truck hit a patch of black ice on the highway. Our truck spun out of control and we wound up 30 feet down a cliff, and lucky to be alive. Later that evening, as it became apparent that we were to be released from the hospital with manageable injuries, my only call was to Greg Liddle. Greg came to the hospital, to our aid. He called our children to inform them that we would be OK and then drove us through a blinding blizzard to our home 40 miles away. He was there for us. My family is extremely close-nit. We are very private people and tend to keep to ourselves. Until recently, I had only two real friends in my life. Now I have three. Sincerely, Peter Reardon
Greg Liddle
Productivity & Professionalism
This is a letter of referral for Eric & Kerry Cromer. We looked on the internet and searched for a rural Kansas Realtor; we came across Hayden Outdoor's and saw that they were listed as the number 1 broker. We were extremely pleased when they came out walked the property, took photos and movies of the property. They discussed all the options with us, listing price and explained the procedures of selling our property. We selected them to sell our 46 Acre Property just outside of Great Bend, Kansas (Mystery River Property). We listed with them on Thursday and Friday they sold our property. They got us a contract for the full amount. Wow, wasn’t quite expecting it to sell so soon. They have contacts! We previously had talked to a realtor in Great Bend and they wanted to list our property for $100,000.00 less than we felt that our property was worth. That is when we contacted Eric & Kerry Cromer. When they came out they appraised our property as the same price we were considering, before we told them what we wanted for our property. They kept in constant contact with us through closing. If we had any questions we would just call their cell phones. We were thrilled with their productivity & professionalism. We could have listed with the other realtor and lost $100,000.00. THANK YOU ERIC & KERRY! If you want action on your property we would recommend that you contact them and put them to work for you. Bruce & Nina Dozier Former Dozier Vineyard & Winery Property Bella Vista, AR
Kerry Cromer
Extensive knowledge and reputation
"I've known Jim Digby for many years. In fact his team helped me locate and purchase a ranch twenty plus years ago. Jim recently sold three different parcels of land for me. Some of the land had been for sale with other realtors for several years... I chose Jim because of his extensive knowledge and reputation in our market. We endured some tough economic times and Jim worked tirelessly to promote these different parcels. Additionally, Jim was and is an invaluable sounding board in understanding and establishing market value. Any future land I purchase or sell will be with Jim's help!" Chuck Guetz Comanche Creek Enterprises
Jim Digby
Highly Recommended
When you are buying or selling property, please consider Justin Hertzel as your broker. This gentleman is efficient, intelligent, and has not only integrity but a very good grasp of the market. He professionally went beyond what was expected of him. He has worked with several family members on various properties, and is certainly successful at what he does. We are pleased to highly recommend Justin. ~Vayden and Joy Anderson, Stromsburg, NE
The Extra Mile
We, Dale Christensen and Patricia Raih, had previously listed our cabin and property with another realtor for 4 or more years of wasted time in Colorado, when Lisa frank and Twila came in the picture from Hayden Outdoors. Lisa and Twila went the extra mile and sold the property with in 3 months. Their expertise was phenomenal, I would recommended them on any persons property they have for sale. We are listing the rest of our property with them.
Lisa Frank Customer Service Above and Beyond!
My husband and I had been looking for Colorado mountain property for two and a half years. I would spend hours throughout the week researching land through various internet sites, and would then map a drivable round trip route. We'd often spend our weekends going to different parts of Colorado to take a physical look at mountain properties. Twice we decided to contact the listing agent to take a second and closer look at different properties, hoping the agent would be able to at least point out boundary lines, and twice we were disappointed. It was our experience we had much better success hunting for land on our own, until we met Lisa. At the end of January I came upon a listing of Hayden Outdoors in Westcliffe, CO and knew instantly from the photos I wanted to see it. I called Lisa Frank, the listing agent and left her a message telling her she had a property listed I was interested in knowing more about. Within a few hours she called me back and before I could even ask, she was offering to meet up with us the following Saturday so we could hike the property and walk its boundaries. Not only did Lisa have wonderful pictures online, she knew the property, where the boundaries were, and she hiked it with us. Oh-Did I say there was 7-10 inches of snow on the ground at the time? Well-There was. If that isn't going above and beyond I don't know what is. I could tell from her photos this was a special piece of land, and my skeptical husband was convinced within 15 minutes of hiking it. Thanks to Lisa with her quick response, knowledge of the land and willingness to explore it with us, it is now ours. So if you're looking for a realtor who's knowledgable and not afraid to get a little exercise and even snow in her boots, Lisa's your gal. Thanks Lisa. Patti & Bill V.