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Wildlife Management & Habitat Management

About Our Land Management Services

At Hayden Outdoors we offer complete wildlife managment, live water management, and habitat management services through a strategic partnership with EcoResource Solutions, Inc. (ERS) ERS is a professional aquatic and terrestrial ecological consulting firm based in Colorado and managing properties in over 20 states.  ERS representatives are highly educated, experienced and certified fishery and wildlife biologists, aquatic ecologists and wetland scientists.  We offer complete fishery management, land and wildlife management, wildlife habitat enhancement, professional river, pond, and lake management, recreational property development services and eco consulting to a variety of clients, including ranch owners, managers, resorts, outfitters, dude ranches and more. Services may include deer surveys, wetland creation, food plots, upland bird management, infectious plant removal, management plans, fish planting, pond creation, river impovements and more.


Property Improvements

When properties are newly purchased or needing these habitat management services, Hayden Outdoors handles the complete process, from on-site analysis and suggested proposals to project management and final completion, so that lines of communication to the client are clear and precise. Habitat management on your property will benefit you by:

     - Increasing your land value
     - Improving hunting and fishing
     - Adding recreational activities
     - Helping the ecology and environment
     - Creating wildlife habitat

More and more landowners are investing in their property for these reasons which is why farmers, ranchers and land owners are the true conservationists in our country. With the efforts of these private property owners, millions of acres of habitat are provided for our fish and wildlife ecosystems.

 For more information about our Habitat Services, please contact us at 1-800-852-4075.