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Beginning July 7th on RFDTV, Hayden Outdoors will be featured in multiple episodes of LandLeader Television, a new weekly show that tours amazing ranches, farms, recreational properties and uniques land for sale. The first week of the show features the Maytag Ranch, listed by Dax...

Scott Winston

Prairie Chickens and Spaniels
By Scott Winston, Broker
(303) 250-0302

A covey rise of prairie chickens flushing fast, chuckling and flashing their fanned tail feathers is a wild western wing shooting adventure for sure.

Once numbering in the millions, concentrations of prairie chickens are now only found in...

Have you ever thought of hunting for elk in a treestand? Wonder why so many whitetail hunters use a stand to harvest a big buck?

The trend of using a treestand to hunt game is as strong as ever, and the manufacturers of these stands are...


Exclusive Real Estate Network Partners With The Largest International Hunting Organization

August 3, 2015 - The Land Leader LLC, the largest national land marketing network, recently announced a major sponsorship of Safari Club International (SCI), the leader in protecting the freedom to...