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Exclusive Real Estate Network Partners With The Largest International Hunting Organization

August 3, 2015 - The Land Leader LLC, the largest national land marketing network, recently announced a major sponsorship of Safari Club International (SCI), the leader in protecting the freedom to...

Scott Winston

Prairie Chickens and Spaniels
By Scott Winston, Broker
(303) 250-0302

A covey rise of prairie chickens flushing fast, chuckling and flashing their fanned tail feathers is a wild western wing shooting adventure for sure.

Once numbering in the millions, concentrations of prairie chickens are now only found in...

Have you ever thought of hunting for elk in a treestand? Wonder why so many whitetail hunters use a stand to harvest a big buck?

The trend of using a treestand to hunt game is as strong as ever, and the manufacturers of these stands are...